Saturday, 18 July 2009

Play Making

After a couple of weeks of reflection since WIFE OF BRIAN - it's time to get stuck in on my next project and I'm ready to go!

Mr Sally bought be a book which I mentioned in conversation to him a week ago and he went and got it as a surprise - ahh!
Anyway it's this book:
The Crafty Art of Playmaking by Alan Ayckbourn

Anyone writing or directing plays, should read this book. It's full of wonderful advice and handy tips.

My next play is very much in the early planning stages. I started writing it for a group of adults I taught drama to a few years ago and unfortunately it was never completed. I've just read through the scenes and most of it needs to go, it needs to be changed completely - characters, plot etc but the idea is there, the idea has expanded, I'm planning the twists and the journeys at the moment and I'm feeling excited about it - so that's a good start.
It's going to be a slow process this time, not rushed and I'm hoping I've learnt from the last few plays I've done - lots of things need to change.

I'm currently busy trying to turn TSL Productions in to a profitable business - so there's lots to do.

Anyway, just in case you're wondering - the working title of my next play is: JUMBLE

I'll tell you more soon :-)


Janice Okoh said...

I can't wait to hear more about it.

I am writing a new play, too! What things have to change?

Sally Lawton said...

Ooh, good luck with your new play too - can't wait to hear all about yours either.

Lots of changes next time because I'm sick of casting people for free. As much as the experience of unpaid fringe is really good and benefits everyone in some ways, there's always at least one person in the cast who doesn't take it seriously because of the unpaid part.
Next time I want money behind myself and the play so that I can pay the equity minimum rate.
Then people can't mess me about with rehearsals etc.
Lots of frustrating things happened whilst rehearsing 'WOB' and it all comes down to how people see unpaid fringe jobs.

Janice Okoh said...

So are you looking at government funding? I hope you get it, whatever avenues you're exploring.

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