Thursday, 9 July 2009

Planing Ahead

Ooh, it's been nice getting back to normality today.
Costumes washed, props put away, flat tidied for the first time in weeks.

I've started to think about future writings and things - for the future though I'll be doing things a lot differently. I'm currently trying to get funding so that I can pay actors a wage, I'm trying to get my theatre company a base and all sorts of wonderful things. I'll keep you posted.

Exciting news - Victoria Wood is going to be directing her first every play TALENT for the Menier Chocolate Factory. It's my favourite play, Victoria Wood is the reason I got in to writing and performing comedy, someone even said after my play this week that I reminded them of a young Victoria Wood - HUGE compliment to me, maybe not so much to her! I NEED to audition, I just have no idea how - I would not only love to be in TALENT, I'd give my left and right arm to work with her.

** If anyone hears about casting or auditons, please tell me! **


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