Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I've Done It...

I've only gone and joined the bloomin' gym.

I quit the gym last year when Mr Sally and I temporarily split up - and anyway, I decided to join again this week as we are absolutely lovely and happy now, he still goes and misses his gym buddy and I miss being his gym buddy and oh yeah - we're thinking of going on a tropical holiday in September - eeek!

Well of course the people at the gym made a HUGE unnecessary fuss about me returning.
I have however decided not to do any of the machine stuff as I HATE it. So I swim whilst Mr Sally pumps iron and goes purple! (I can see him from the pool!) He joins me after about an hour and a half in the pool and we do the sauna and spa thing. I'm also going to go to a weekly salsa aerobics class - I start next Monday.
I joined yesterday and I've been twice already and I'm absolutely shattered.


Janice Okoh said...

well done.

Not really a gym fiend but exercise is soooo good for you. Gym sounds great!

Cheryl said...

Gyms! I like to avoid places like that ;-) Salsa aerobics and swimming sound like lots of fun though.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Janice and Cheryl,

I know exercise is good - but gyms are horrible to me! I think a balance of swimming and classes will do me good though - keep you posted on how I get on :-)


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