Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wedding of the Year - Llandudno

Leah and Mandeep's second wedding was in Llandudno, North Wales. We both grew up close to here and I spent 2 years at college by the sea, it's a lovely place and a gorgeous setting for a wedding.
Anyway, I had to be at the hotel for 10:30am to get my make-up and hair done. So my dad and Mr Sally dropped me off (they had to rush home to get ready themselves and ended up rescuing a seagull on the way - long story!)

So Leah's room was filled with excitement! I know I've gone on and on about being a bridesmaid - but I was sooo excited - Leah actually sent me a text in the morning saying, 'Are you excited for your big day?' Haha!
I loved getting my hair and make-up done, loved it. There was a moment before I put my outfit on that I realised I hadn't had chance to eat anything and Leah gave me a bag of crisps. I was eating them just as the photographers came in and they took pictures of me stuffing my face!!! Lovely.

A bit later the photographer said to me, 'Are you married then?'
'Ah, so you're just the bridesmaid who likes to eat crisps!'
Cheeky man!

I won't ever forget the image of Leah coming out of the bathroom with her beautiful dress on, she looked absolutely stunning. I gave her a bracelet which was silver and blue - for her something blue to wear

Then it was time to walk down the isle. A proud and lovely moment. The ceremony was gorgeous with a harpist and poems in Welsh and English.

After photos and drinks, my family and Leah's took a stroll on Llandudno prom in the gorgeous afternoon sunshine.

Then it was time for us to sit down to eat, speeches before, gorgeous food and then LOTS of dancing.
My mum and dad made themselves a 'Chill Out Zone' for anyone wanting tea and chats rather than music and dancing!!!

It was a proud day for me to see my beautiful best friend walk down the isle to the man of her dreams. She's one of the loveliest, kindest people I'll ever know and I'm thrilled she's so happy. I know they're going to have a lovely life together - Mandeep is a lovely guy and also VERY lucky!

The wedding was wonderful because everyone seemed to know everyone from last weeks do and it was lovely being with Leah's family again and I know my family loved catching up and laughing with them too.


Cheryl said...

Wow, those photos were worth waiting for, how lovely you and the bride looked! And I love that wedding dress. I think I want one (one day) just like it, sigh...

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks so much for your nice comments. Glad you like the photos. I know, I'd love a dress like that too - she chose well! x

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