Sunday, 28 June 2009

Take That 2009

Yesterday was one of the longest, most exciting days EVER!
It started at 10:00am when I had arranged for the cast to rehearse for 4 hours. One cast member got lost and we ended up starting at 11:00 instead.

It was our first run without a script and my friend Leah (who had come over because we were off to Take That later), sat in on rehearsals.

We knew more lines than I thought, and Leah liked the play - so I left feeling positive!

We headed to the tram stop straight after, which was packed full of Take That ladies. We got a great spot near to the stage - people were pushing in though, which bugged me.

Our last sip of water was at 6:00pm as there was no way we could move anywhere at this point and it was announced Lady Ga-Ga would not be supporting.
Gary Go came on at 7ish - then the HOT weather turned to RAIN - proper Manchester bucketing down rain.
We were SOAKED.

Take That were amazing. I felt sick through the whole concert from lack of water and because we'd been stood up since 5, my feet were killing. I remember thinking halfway through that I'd give anything for a cup of tea!!

Howard Donald was just beautiful, the whole show was spectacular and I LOVE Take That!

We queued for a tram for ages and by this point I just wanted a drink and my bed, all my clothes were stuck to me. In the end Leah's new hubby Mandeep came to get us (I've never been so pleased to see him. What a hero and he got me home quickly!)

I ran in to the flat - peeled off my soaking wet clothes, got in a HOT shower, made a cup of tea, put clean pj's and bed socks on and fell to sleep!

What a Saturday!


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