Sunday, 28 June 2009

Can't Possibly Be...

WIFE OF BRIAN opens a week tomorrow!
One week to get everything sorted - Ohmigod!

I'm taking tomorrow off day job - I have far too much to sort out.

ONE WEEK TO GO?! I feel a little bit sick!

Take That 2009

Yesterday was one of the longest, most exciting days EVER!
It started at 10:00am when I had arranged for the cast to rehearse for 4 hours. One cast member got lost and we ended up starting at 11:00 instead.

It was our first run without a script and my friend Leah (who had come over because we were off to Take That later), sat in on rehearsals.

We knew more lines than I thought, and Leah liked the play - so I left feeling positive!

We headed to the tram stop straight after, which was packed full of Take That ladies. We got a great spot near to the stage - people were pushing in though, which bugged me.

Our last sip of water was at 6:00pm as there was no way we could move anywhere at this point and it was announced Lady Ga-Ga would not be supporting.
Gary Go came on at 7ish - then the HOT weather turned to RAIN - proper Manchester bucketing down rain.
We were SOAKED.

Take That were amazing. I felt sick through the whole concert from lack of water and because we'd been stood up since 5, my feet were killing. I remember thinking halfway through that I'd give anything for a cup of tea!!

Howard Donald was just beautiful, the whole show was spectacular and I LOVE Take That!

We queued for a tram for ages and by this point I just wanted a drink and my bed, all my clothes were stuck to me. In the end Leah's new hubby Mandeep came to get us (I've never been so pleased to see him. What a hero and he got me home quickly!)

I ran in to the flat - peeled off my soaking wet clothes, got in a HOT shower, made a cup of tea, put clean pj's and bed socks on and fell to sleep!

What a Saturday!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

13 Again

Ohmigod! As I write this - I can hear TAKE THAT's concert live through my bedroom window. Honestly, they're thanking Manchester and are now about to play their last song - which is Rule the World!

I'm going to the gig on Saturday with my best friend Leah - we can't wait.

I'm a bit worried about getting a good spot. It's in the cricket ground and is going to hold 45,000 fans and it's standing room only! Gates open at 4:00pm - gig starts at 7:30pm.

When's best to get there?

Leah thinks we shouldn't get there for 4 as it'll be chaos - I just don't want to be at the back though.

'Yeah you and me we can ride on a star...' Sorry, that's what I can hear now!
And they are letting off fireworks!




I need to get a grip, I'm almost 30!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Play's The Thing!

Oh my goodness - I've just realised there are two weeks until my new play opens in Manchester. It's going sooo fast.
We have a rehearsal tomorrow night and then on Saturday we are meeting in the day to run it and run it.
It's really coming along now - and I'm excited. So much to do though...

Happy Fathers Day...

To all Dad's out there - but especially to mine, who just happens to be the best dad a girl could wish for xx Love you Papa xx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Sneeze and Screens

I am full of a cold today and THIS is the reason why!
Outside the theatre where Mr Sally works, they have put up a HUGE TV screen and are showing films every Thursday night and Saturday.

I finished rehearsals on Thursday and had half an hour to kill before Mr Sally finished work, so I pottered over to the screen. They were playing 'Withnail and I,' which I've never seen and EVERYONE seems shocked when I say I haven't seen it!
You can hire a yellow deck chair and blanket for £2 or you can sit on the grass for free.
I got myself a take-out coffee and watched some of the film - which was FUNNY and left me wondering why in fact I have never seen it before!

A little bit of rain started and I though, 'It's only a bit of rain - it'll pass.'
The heavens opened and it CHUCKED it down! I ran over to the theatre to borrow an umbrella but it just didn't stop throwing it down.

Such a shame as I think the screen is a fab idea. There will be films playing all through Summer, so hopefully the nights will get better.
They're playing everything from Breakfast at Tiffany's to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Bye Bye Daniel

You know when someone comes in to your life and is just special? Well it happened to me a couple of months ago when Daniel started work in our office.
We became friends quickly as he ended up sitting opposite me and being the only man in an office of women, I have to say he coped incredibly well.
I've not got my target for AGES and some of it may be due to the fact we gossip a lot!
Daniel is such a lovely, kind hearted person and today was his last day as he's just got himself a fabulous job.
We went out for after work goodbye drinks tonight and I know we'll stay in touch.

Good Luck Daniel, going to miss you xx

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wedding of the Year - Llandudno

Leah and Mandeep's second wedding was in Llandudno, North Wales. We both grew up close to here and I spent 2 years at college by the sea, it's a lovely place and a gorgeous setting for a wedding.
Anyway, I had to be at the hotel for 10:30am to get my make-up and hair done. So my dad and Mr Sally dropped me off (they had to rush home to get ready themselves and ended up rescuing a seagull on the way - long story!)

So Leah's room was filled with excitement! I know I've gone on and on about being a bridesmaid - but I was sooo excited - Leah actually sent me a text in the morning saying, 'Are you excited for your big day?' Haha!
I loved getting my hair and make-up done, loved it. There was a moment before I put my outfit on that I realised I hadn't had chance to eat anything and Leah gave me a bag of crisps. I was eating them just as the photographers came in and they took pictures of me stuffing my face!!! Lovely.

A bit later the photographer said to me, 'Are you married then?'
'Ah, so you're just the bridesmaid who likes to eat crisps!'
Cheeky man!

I won't ever forget the image of Leah coming out of the bathroom with her beautiful dress on, she looked absolutely stunning. I gave her a bracelet which was silver and blue - for her something blue to wear

Then it was time to walk down the isle. A proud and lovely moment. The ceremony was gorgeous with a harpist and poems in Welsh and English.

After photos and drinks, my family and Leah's took a stroll on Llandudno prom in the gorgeous afternoon sunshine.

Then it was time for us to sit down to eat, speeches before, gorgeous food and then LOTS of dancing.
My mum and dad made themselves a 'Chill Out Zone' for anyone wanting tea and chats rather than music and dancing!!!

It was a proud day for me to see my beautiful best friend walk down the isle to the man of her dreams. She's one of the loveliest, kindest people I'll ever know and I'm thrilled she's so happy. I know they're going to have a lovely life together - Mandeep is a lovely guy and also VERY lucky!

The wedding was wonderful because everyone seemed to know everyone from last weeks do and it was lovely being with Leah's family again and I know my family loved catching up and laughing with them too.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Wedding of the Year - Glasgow

Well, it's all over. Two fun-filled weddings - spread over two weekends have now come to a close.
Firstly the Indian Wedding in Glasgow (July 7th).
Mr Sally and I got to Glasgow around 5pm on the Saturday and I headed over to Leah's hotel room for the 'henna party.' We all had fab looking henna tattoos on our hands and Leah had them on her feet and palms.
Early night and up very early in the morning to get ready to be at the Temple for 9:00am.

Well, we got up early - we had breakfast scheduled for 8:00pm but unfortunately I couldn't get my beautiful Indian trousers on over my chunky calf's - I'd love to share this image with you of me lay on the bed, Mr Sally pushing the trousers up my legs and me shouting, 'I'm not fat - it's just muscle from my dancing days!'
Anyway, this unexpected blip in our schedule made us very late for breakfast, so we had to skip it and get to the Temple sharpish - thank goodness we ordered a cab because walking was very difficult in such tight trousers.

At the Temple, Leah arrived looking gorgeous. She was then taken in to a room and Mandeep (the groom) arrived and we had to barricade the door and make him beg to be let in!
Once everyone was seated - Leah had to be escorted in with her friends, which we did and then she sat on a throne type chair and the fabulous ceremony started.

Mr Sally was one of Leah's 'brothers' and had to do some rice throwing etc. It was all a bit surreal and exciting and even though nobody really knew what we had to do, everyone from Mandeep's side were very helpful and explained everything.

We did go in to the actual Temple where people were praying a bit later on - (Leah's ceremony was in another room). The actual Temple was beautiful and I shall save you from the story of me sitting on a mat and my Indian pants coming down. I don't think the old lady noticed because she smiled and gave me an apple on the way out!

We all had time to ourselves between 2-6pm and so we went back to the hotel and had a bit of a sleep. Leah had to carry on with some traditional games to determine who got the upper hand in the marriage - which I'm delighted to say she won!

Anyway, I changed out of my Indian outfit and put on a purple (not so tight) dress. Off we went to the Hilton for the evening reception. We were greeted music from drummers and a guy playing bagpipes. 400 people arrived for the evening do. As we were all seated the immediate family and bride and groom got introduced to the room waving and got beamed on to TV screens - it was like the opening of the Olympics. It still makes me giggle now!

Speeches, first dance then EVERYBODY got on to the dance floor and danced solidly for a good couple of hours and finally we ate.

It was a fantastic atmosphere, full of colour and laughter and most importantly Leah and Mandeep looked incredibly happy.

It was lovely to see lots of Leah's family I hadn't seen for years and get to know friends of hers I'd never met before and even nicer that we'd all see each other the following weekend for wedding number two...

To Be Continued!

Saturday, 13 June 2009


Hi Guys,

I'm really sorry for lack of updates - you wouldn't believe how busy things have been lately.
Back from my best friends Indian wedding in Glasgow on Monday - I've had a busy week of day jobs and rushing to rehearsals for Wife Of Brian.

Rehearsals are coming along really well - only a few weeks to go and I'm feeling strangely calm about the whole thing.

At the moment I'm at my parent's house in Wales. I am a Bridesmaid for my best friend tomorrow for her second wedding. I'm so excited. My family will be at the wedding too as they're very close to Leah and her family.
I've fake tanned, got belly sucking pants, and I'm off for an early night.

I'll report back on Monday and promise from then on I'll be keeping a better effort at posting.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Wedding of the Year - Part One

Oh wow - wow - wow - wow!
I'm just back from my best friend's AMAZING Indian wedding. I have never seen anything like it. It's the best wedding I've ever been to. Met amazing people, laughed and laughed and cried and danced. Wow.

I'll tell you all tomorrow, but a couple of pics before then!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Scally Wags!

Well, the Police have found my car and it was burnt to a crisp. I cried when I found out and when Mr Sally pointed out my wing mirror on the pavement this morning I sobbed again.
What a complete and utter waste, to just burn a car.

Anyway, that's it - I can't get too down about it. Nothing I can do.

So, other news...

Rehearsals for Wife of Brian are coming along nicely. It's the launch of the Not Part Of Festival tomorrow, so I'm very excited about that.

I'm just getting ready for my first Bridesmaid event. Leah's Indian wedding is this weekend in Glasgow, so I'm very excited.
More soon x
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