Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Guys, I'm going to start singing lessons!


I haven't sang properly for YEARS - and OK, so my song got cut in the Panto because a group of old ladies started laughing at me on the front row (I think they liked my character)!
But, I've always LOVED singing, my confidence was knocked in college by a teacher who shouldn't really have been allowed to teach, and actually now doesn't for that reason... but he tried to squash my musical theatre dream and it wasn't until uni where my confidence in singing came back and... I haven't had singing lessons in years and, I miss it.

So, I'm doing it for fun, for the love of it and nothing to do with the fact I'm penning a comedy musical and want my voice up to scratch for it!!

Speaking of musicals, have you heard about the films being turned in to musicals lately?
When I read there was going to be Ghost the musical, and Legally Blonde the musical, I actually cried 'Noooo!' But err, I watched some Legally Blonde the musical clips on YouTube and it looks FAB - it looks so fab that I downloaded the whole album on to my ipod, I've watched the entire Broadway Search for Elle Reality series and can't wait for it to open in the West End with Sheridan Smith this December - Mr Sally has been warned we'll be going!
I heard the other day that they were turning Bridget Jones in to a musical and although my instinct says 'Nooo!' Deep down I bet it'll be FAB.


Cheryl said...

Whoah...Ghost the musical? I actually can't wait.

Good luck with the singing lessons. I love singing (if no one else can hear me or I have a loud karaoke machine to drown out the sound of my voice.)

Lucy Diamond said...

Good for you! There's something very joyful about singing I think... apart from when I get on the Singstar, that is!
Sock it to 'em, I say!

Phillipa said...

Wow! brilliant - wish I could sing but I only do it when alone and washing up.. do i sense a Sally lawton musical next?

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Cheryl,
Thanks for the good luck wishes, I need them! :)

Hi Sue,
I'll do my best to sock it to 'em!
You're right though, there's definitely something joyful about singing... I can't wait x

Hi Phillipa,
Ooh, how did you guess! Yes, I've been planning a musical for a while now... more of a comedy musical - keep you posted!

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