Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Brr - Brr...

Brr - Brr..

'Hello, Oddfellows?'
'Oh hello, I have a booking for a hen party this Saturday for afternoon tea at three, I was just phoning to check...'
'No you don't.'
'Yes I do. I booked it weeks ago.'
'For a start, LUV - we don't do food, so you can't have.'
'I called and booked afternoon tea...'
'Just told you, you can't have.'
'There must be two Oddfellows in Chester then?'
'Yer, there must.'
Slam... Drrr.
'Hello? Hello?'

Customer service at it's best in Blighty!

For the record, I had phoned the wrong Oddfellows and the correct Oddfellows are expecing us and were ever so polite on the phone!


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