Sunday, 10 May 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

Oh my God - what a birthday I've just had!

Mr Sally whisked me to London baby on Thursday. He'd booked a posh hotel in Westminster - I had tickets to WICKED for Friday night (my actual birthday). Thursday night I convinced him we NEEDED to go and see HAIRSPRAY and he got me front row tickets.

Hairspray was BRILLIANT! After the show we walked round the West End and had a meal in town.

Friday we got up early, Mr Sally took me to Oxford Street and he said he'd buy me anything I wanted! Eek!
I felt bad about spending his money though as he'd already spent a fortune on me... so we walked round for HOURS until I ended up in the cheapest shop and got three dresses, a cute denim jacket, and then back to Next where I'd seen a cute hot pink watch!

WICKED was unbelievable. I've wanted to see this show since it opened on Broadway, so I was sooo excited - we had amazing seats.
After the show we went to Bella Pasta for a meal and went for a stroll around town.

Yesterday we walked to the PALACE through Hyde Park and got there just in time for the Changing of the Guard - which was chaos and interesting at the same time. Queen was in, but we didn't see her - probably busy hanging her knickers on the line or something!

We went to Harrods - which I hated. What a vulgar place. It just screams RICH - and I did not fit in! I was scared of knocking anything over as I'd NEVER be able to pay for anything!!

Had an afternoon in Hyde Park, then made our way home.
My feet were killing me - I've walked and walked over the past few days.

As soon as we got home - we drove to Prestatyn to my mum and dads, where I was greeted with Birthday banners and some beautiful birthday presents.

I've been well and truly spoilt and I've had a FAB birthday.
I'll post photos later.



Lucy Diamond said...

Sounds brilliant! He's certainly raised the bar in the birthday stakes - I think it will have to be Paris next year! Glad you had a good time xx

Sally Lawton said...

Yep, he's really raised the bar... now what the heck do I get him this year?? xx

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds lovely! I've been wanting to see Wicked myself. (And I've never seen Hairspray either!)

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