Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bad End to a Lovely Week!

Gosh, I've had a lovely week at my parent's house. It's been lovely spending time with them and although my dad has been a bit ill and we had to go to the hospital on Thursday, it's still been a great week -
Mr Sally had to go back to work last night and then got up this morning to drive back to Wales to spend the day with us... I asked if he could stop off at my flat to collect something for me and he's just phoned to say that my car has been stolen and trashed - there's a note from the Police in the car asking me to call them.
Apparently the window's smashed, the steering wheel's bent and it's basically just a huge mess.

I'm so gutted as the car belonged to my dad and it was a gift, I can't afford to replace it and flippin' heck why should we have to. My mum and dad worked hard to be able to afford the car in the first place... what makes someone think they can come along and steal and trash somebodyelse's things.

Grr, I've had enough and I'm DEFINITELY moving house (again!)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Prestatyn Stop!

What a Bank Holiday weekend it's been.
Saturday was my best friend Paul's 30th Birthday, along with his lovely twin Phill. I remember their 21st, so it was very strange celebrating their 30th.
A HUGE house party was held at Paul's posh new pad in Worsley and I drained the punch bowl with Mark Butcher, danced, laughed... had the best time.

Mr Sally then drove us to Wales at 1:00am - to my parent's house.
We spent Sunday and Monday on the sunny beach playing with kites and beach games, much fun.
As I'm off this week as it's half term, I decided to stay and waved Mr Sally and Gav off last night, they'll come back for me sometime this week, when they're not working!

So I'm planning to use this time with my mum and dad. My dad has a cosy office which I've been using to get some work done this morning.
Mum's food in my belly, my cats are ignoring me as usual, shopping trip is on the cards and kite flying with my dad tonight because, 'The wind's up!'

I'll post pics later.

Friday, 22 May 2009

** Behind the Scenes 2 **

WIFE OF BRIAN rehearsal clip 2

And this is Mark Butcher, changing my lines as usual! He always does it and I always let him!

** Behind the Scenes 1**

We had the first rehearsals last night for WIFE OF BRIAN and had so much fun.
Liam is a great director and whipped us in to shape - amongst the giggles we managed to block a couple of scenes.

This is Liam directing the fabulous Paul.

(I hope this works, I've never uploaded a video clip before!)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Guys, I'm going to start singing lessons!


I haven't sang properly for YEARS - and OK, so my song got cut in the Panto because a group of old ladies started laughing at me on the front row (I think they liked my character)!
But, I've always LOVED singing, my confidence was knocked in college by a teacher who shouldn't really have been allowed to teach, and actually now doesn't for that reason... but he tried to squash my musical theatre dream and it wasn't until uni where my confidence in singing came back and... I haven't had singing lessons in years and, I miss it.

So, I'm doing it for fun, for the love of it and nothing to do with the fact I'm penning a comedy musical and want my voice up to scratch for it!!

Speaking of musicals, have you heard about the films being turned in to musicals lately?
When I read there was going to be Ghost the musical, and Legally Blonde the musical, I actually cried 'Noooo!' But err, I watched some Legally Blonde the musical clips on YouTube and it looks FAB - it looks so fab that I downloaded the whole album on to my ipod, I've watched the entire Broadway Search for Elle Reality series and can't wait for it to open in the West End with Sheridan Smith this December - Mr Sally has been warned we'll be going!
I heard the other day that they were turning Bridget Jones in to a musical and although my instinct says 'Nooo!' Deep down I bet it'll be FAB.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Brr - Brr...

Brr - Brr..

'Hello, Oddfellows?'
'Oh hello, I have a booking for a hen party this Saturday for afternoon tea at three, I was just phoning to check...'
'No you don't.'
'Yes I do. I booked it weeks ago.'
'For a start, LUV - we don't do food, so you can't have.'
'I called and booked afternoon tea...'
'Just told you, you can't have.'
'There must be two Oddfellows in Chester then?'
'Yer, there must.'
Slam... Drrr.
'Hello? Hello?'

Customer service at it's best in Blighty!

For the record, I had phoned the wrong Oddfellows and the correct Oddfellows are expecing us and were ever so polite on the phone!

Contented Cat

I have to show you this picture of my cat Little Star, which I took this weekend.
How relaxed and happy does he look? Flippin' heck, I'm so going to come back as a cat in my next life!


Don't tell anyone, but...

I secretly LOVE watching Countryfile on a Sunday. I just love it!
This week they just announced a photography competition - which I'm going to enter! I have until September!
Anyone else entering? Anyone else love Countryfile?


I'm really sorry my blog has been a bit slow on the update front... things are a bit chaotic at the moment.

My new play WIFE OF BRIAN opens in July and I've just started rehearsals. I'm also busy penning a new play with my friend Paul Swaine.
Other than that, it's my best friend's hen party this weekend and so as Bridesmaid I decided to organise the whole thing, which has been slightly chaotic, but I think we're almost sorted.

And other than that I've been doing the usual day job, Mr Sally time, laundry, meeting friends... the usual day to day things.

Anyway, I'll make much more of an effort - things should settle soon!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

London Baby!

My FABULOUS birthday trip to London Town in photos!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

Oh my God - what a birthday I've just had!

Mr Sally whisked me to London baby on Thursday. He'd booked a posh hotel in Westminster - I had tickets to WICKED for Friday night (my actual birthday). Thursday night I convinced him we NEEDED to go and see HAIRSPRAY and he got me front row tickets.

Hairspray was BRILLIANT! After the show we walked round the West End and had a meal in town.

Friday we got up early, Mr Sally took me to Oxford Street and he said he'd buy me anything I wanted! Eek!
I felt bad about spending his money though as he'd already spent a fortune on me... so we walked round for HOURS until I ended up in the cheapest shop and got three dresses, a cute denim jacket, and then back to Next where I'd seen a cute hot pink watch!

WICKED was unbelievable. I've wanted to see this show since it opened on Broadway, so I was sooo excited - we had amazing seats.
After the show we went to Bella Pasta for a meal and went for a stroll around town.

Yesterday we walked to the PALACE through Hyde Park and got there just in time for the Changing of the Guard - which was chaos and interesting at the same time. Queen was in, but we didn't see her - probably busy hanging her knickers on the line or something!

We went to Harrods - which I hated. What a vulgar place. It just screams RICH - and I did not fit in! I was scared of knocking anything over as I'd NEVER be able to pay for anything!!

Had an afternoon in Hyde Park, then made our way home.
My feet were killing me - I've walked and walked over the past few days.

As soon as we got home - we drove to Prestatyn to my mum and dads, where I was greeted with Birthday banners and some beautiful birthday presents.

I've been well and truly spoilt and I've had a FAB birthday.
I'll post photos later.


Monday, 4 May 2009

The End

I wrote those words, just before midnight last night on my new play WIFE OF BRIAN.
The company now have their scrips and I'm biting my nails, hoping and praying they love it as much as I do.

My wonderful friend and fabulous actor Paul Newbery - who will be playing the title role of Brian in the play has text me this morning to say he though it was the funniest play I'd written so far and he loves it.
I really do value his opinion - so I'm chuffed.
As for me - I'm chilling out today and I'm going to READ A BOOK! I've not had a spare second to read anything for weeks, so I'm having a book day today and finally going to get in to Rosy Thornton's fab looking book.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

I can...

almost write 'The End' on my new play.

Almost there and promise I'll be blogging, twittering, facebooking and more importantly READING BOOKS again after tonight.

I feel like my life has been on hold for a bit.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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