Thursday, 16 April 2009

Walking, Talking kind of a Day!

Flippin' heck I'm shattered.

My freelance job today had me walk around the WHOLE of Manchester taking photos of work things, I did a HUGE circle!
I met some brilliant, if a little strange people. Had a great day though, just me, a notepad, clipboard, camera and my ipod!

Tonight I left work and drove to my best friends Paul's house. His boyfriend Chris made us a lovely stir-fry and I swear their new house is sooo beautiful and we have a 'writers room.' It's the best room EVER. I love it.
We gossiped for most of the night, then spent the last hour and a half planning our new play, (we've not written anything together since 2005).
Anyway, by planning ideas we went off on our natural tangent and guess what? We have the BEST idea for a new play. I'm so excited by this, honestly - it's going to be FAB and very funny!

My throat is sore from all the talking!

Oh, think I have found the perfect theatre to hold my play in July. They're very interested in my play and we've pencilled the dates, going to see them on Tues to confirm. I'm so excited.
I went there today as part of my job by coincidence and it's a lovely building.

That's about it for now!
Night x


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