Friday, 10 April 2009


I went to see Never Forget the Musical last week. I went with two of my lovely friends Paul and Christian and we had a FAB night.
I worked on the show a couple of years ago and really enjoyed this production... however -

Why do people come to the theatre and instead of watching the show, they sit there talking and texting?
I can't explain how many people were talking through the show - becasue there were so many doing it, and not just whispering, I mean actually talking.
I told two girls in front of me to, 'Shh!' In the second half and they just laughed.
What is it they have to talk about that can't actually wait until the shows over with?

Anyway, I'm off my soap box now!

I'll be posting a review on Woo-Hoo You! As well as some other interviews and book reviews soon, so keep checking.


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