Sunday, 19 April 2009

Play Time!

I'm finishing writing WIFE OF BRIAN today, that's the plan.

I went to watch a brilliant play last night and remember a few posts ago where I had a rant about people causing disturbance in theatres? I was sat watching the second half and it got to a bit of a tender scene and my friend Paul whispered, 'Can you hear music?'
I immediately recognised it, my ipod was blaring out Hairspray! All people around me could hear was, 'Good morning Baltimore!'

I didn't know you could lock your ipod, I do now! Eek. So, I'm very sorry if anyone reading this got disturbed by my ipod.

I had a great night last night, caught up with some friends and so chuffed my play writing class also came along.
My friend Mark, who is in my play said, 'Err, has one finished writing the play?'
'No, not yet.'
'Have we got to act two yet?'
'No, but don't worry. It's coming.'
'Good job we know what you're like!'

Yes, good job actually.
It's just the way I seem to write. Although not much of the play is down on paper/computer yet - I've been working on it for months... all in my head. I know everything about it, I know the characters, the plot, the twists - OK, I don't know the ending, I never know how things end - I just see where it takes me. But I know it, and now it's just a case of popping it on to paper and making it work.

So that's what I'm up to today. Finishing the play, so I can say to Mark, 'It's done! You may count your lines now!'

And he'll go away, read it, then come up to me in rehearsals and say,'I've just added a couple more lines for myself.'
Good job I know what he's like too!


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