Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Musical Madness

I think I've mentioned before that I'm planning on writing a musical. It's a HUGE thing for me to think of and I've been planning in in my head for almost a year! It's going to be a long project.

I want to write a comedy musical, I'm not going to be the next Lord Lloyd Webber or anything, but a comedy musical is something I really want to do.
I've had loads of people tell me that my last play BATTERED EGOS should have been a musical, which I can see actually. Lots of people keep asking if I'll turn it in to one and I've thought about it and decided I'd quite like to write something new.
I LOVE musicals, I have done since I was younger. I go and watch as many as I can and I'm forever watching clips on YouTube.

I watched Hairspray for the first time recently and LOVED it. I can't stop listening to it on my ipod either.

Mr Sally bought me Acorn Antiques the musical on DVD yesterday, so I'm having a night in with the DVD tonight. I like watching and listening to things that inspire me.

Anyway - the musical won't be ready until next year I'm sure - I'm just at the planning stages and busy surrounding myself with people that can help!
I'll keep you posted!


Cheryl said...

I hope I get to see one of your plays one day. Good luck!

Sally Lawton said...

I hope so too! Thanks Cheryl x

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