Friday, 17 April 2009

Let's Get Physical

Guys, this is serious. I need to get in to shape for my Bridesmaid duties in June, but I want to be toned for my birthday in May and I don't know how.

I HATE the gym, hate it. So I'm not going to join it again.

I'm thinking of doing a dance class. I used to dance years ago, but haven't done any in years.

Has anyone got any tips?
I don't want to lose weight, just tone!
And I promise, I am not sat here typing this with a huge bag of Maltesers next to me...


paul n said...

Watch Hairspray,learn dance from "Welcome to the 60's".Play on earphones,dance around Manchester?Sorted and you get to feel Travoltary into the bargain!

Phillipa said...

Sign up for a Race for Life, Sally... no, on second thoughts, dancing sound smuch more fun.

I've been doing a fit ball class with an outrageous gay instuctor. That's fun!

Sally Lawton said...

Paul, that's so funny! I was bopping around my bedroom to Welcome to the 60s this morning!! Now I'm ready to take it out to the streets!

Hi Phillipa, I was asked to do Race for Life with work and turned it down as I HATE running! :-)
Your fit ball class sounds fab... I need to find myself an outrageous gay instructor!

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