Friday, 10 April 2009

Crochet Hooked!

I went to a Welsh primary school, and every Friday afternoon - the boys would go to one room and do art things like painting. The girls would do crochet.

We made so many things from blankets, door stops and cushions - we were a very creative bunch. Our stuff won awards in Welsh festivals.
In fact, my best friend Leah knitted a baby's cardigan and got disqualified from a competition as they didn't believe a child of 7 could knit such a thing!

When I moved house and changed secondary schools, the crochet was forgotten about, until my GCSE art exam. The topic was food. I suddenly had a brainwave and asked my teacher if I could crochet for my exam. He looked at me like I'd gone mad, but said it was still art and I could crochet.
Anyway, whilst the rest of the class painted things, I got out my balls of wool and crochet hooks and started my masterpiece.
I crocheted a tray and on the tray was a plate of food, all crocheted. I stuffed the food, I crocheted a cup of tea and saucer and made a side plate and did a chocolate cake.
My auntie has it somewhere, I'll have to get her to dig it out.

Anyway, apart from that - I've not done it in years. I was freelancing this week and ended up calling in to a wool/material shop near the office and came out with a crochet hook and two balls of wool.
I'm really excited about making something new.

I think I'm going to start with a blanket and then progress to a hat! I'll keep you posted.

Mr Sally thinks I've gone bonkers!


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