Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Cracking On!

This is how I feel at the minute... like I'm in a bit of a storm, but can also see the blooming skies and flowers... or something like that!

Oh, I'm having a right stressed time of late!
Had a hugely busy weekend - Mum and Dad and a lot of food for our fridge came over on Saturday, which was lovely.
Sunday I had to drive to Burnley as I'd agreed to help my friend with a show her theatre school were performing. I was basically in the same room from 2pm - 10:00pm with a lot of children. They were excited and a bit energetic, most were in and out to the toilets. One girl was sick, one lost a costume, one was hitting himself over the head with his DS... crikey, it was chaos! The show went well though and they all seemed to have a good time, so that's the main thing.

Back at day job this week, and after work every night this week I've got plans - theatre meetings, teaching, two theatre shows - it's chaos.
AND in between all of this I've got to plan Leah's hen do... get my play revised and over to the actors, plan the first rehearsal...

Actually, I'm stressing myself now - I'd better log off and crack on with things!

PS: I walked past a woman today who was singing to herself. She wasn't listening to an ipod or anything, she was just singing happily to herself, 'LaLaLa!.' She made me smile so much and it made me want to follow her because she was brilliantly funny, and I was curious to know where she was going - but I couldn't as I was almost late for work!

Right, that's it. I'm off!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Eyes Down!

Eek! I've booked the theatre, got my dream cast confirmed, got a fantastic director on board, a fab poster, a set designer...

Now I've just got to finish writing the play!

I'm knuckling down to get it finished, it's coming along and I really love this story. It helps to hear the actors voices when I'm writing too, so I can write for their strengths and know exactly how they will deliver the lines.

I'm so excited and can't wait to start rehearsals. I'm also performing in this one too - I'm playing a cleaner called Cher who has a dodgy 80s perm! I love her already!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and Mr Sally has just told me to book my birthday off work... I think he's taking me somewhere as he said I'd need to be free the night before and good job my birthday lands on a Friday because we've got the weekend free.

I like surprises, but I don't... I'm excited by the whole thing - but I will end up ruining it because I'll ask a million stupid questions until the day and until he flips and ends up telling me what it is or me guessing it!

Eeeeek! I'm sooooo excited!


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sneek Peek

Here it is - the poster for my new play!

Play Time!

I'm finishing writing WIFE OF BRIAN today, that's the plan.

I went to watch a brilliant play last night and remember a few posts ago where I had a rant about people causing disturbance in theatres? I was sat watching the second half and it got to a bit of a tender scene and my friend Paul whispered, 'Can you hear music?'
I immediately recognised it, my ipod was blaring out Hairspray! All people around me could hear was, 'Good morning Baltimore!'

I didn't know you could lock your ipod, I do now! Eek. So, I'm very sorry if anyone reading this got disturbed by my ipod.

I had a great night last night, caught up with some friends and so chuffed my play writing class also came along.
My friend Mark, who is in my play said, 'Err, has one finished writing the play?'
'No, not yet.'
'Have we got to act two yet?'
'No, but don't worry. It's coming.'
'Good job we know what you're like!'

Yes, good job actually.
It's just the way I seem to write. Although not much of the play is down on paper/computer yet - I've been working on it for months... all in my head. I know everything about it, I know the characters, the plot, the twists - OK, I don't know the ending, I never know how things end - I just see where it takes me. But I know it, and now it's just a case of popping it on to paper and making it work.

So that's what I'm up to today. Finishing the play, so I can say to Mark, 'It's done! You may count your lines now!'

And he'll go away, read it, then come up to me in rehearsals and say,'I've just added a couple more lines for myself.'
Good job I know what he's like too!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Let's Get Physical

Guys, this is serious. I need to get in to shape for my Bridesmaid duties in June, but I want to be toned for my birthday in May and I don't know how.

I HATE the gym, hate it. So I'm not going to join it again.

I'm thinking of doing a dance class. I used to dance years ago, but haven't done any in years.

Has anyone got any tips?
I don't want to lose weight, just tone!
And I promise, I am not sat here typing this with a huge bag of Maltesers next to me...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Walking, Talking kind of a Day!

Flippin' heck I'm shattered.

My freelance job today had me walk around the WHOLE of Manchester taking photos of work things, I did a HUGE circle!
I met some brilliant, if a little strange people. Had a great day though, just me, a notepad, clipboard, camera and my ipod!

Tonight I left work and drove to my best friends Paul's house. His boyfriend Chris made us a lovely stir-fry and I swear their new house is sooo beautiful and we have a 'writers room.' It's the best room EVER. I love it.
We gossiped for most of the night, then spent the last hour and a half planning our new play, (we've not written anything together since 2005).
Anyway, by planning ideas we went off on our natural tangent and guess what? We have the BEST idea for a new play. I'm so excited by this, honestly - it's going to be FAB and very funny!

My throat is sore from all the talking!

Oh, think I have found the perfect theatre to hold my play in July. They're very interested in my play and we've pencilled the dates, going to see them on Tues to confirm. I'm so excited.
I went there today as part of my job by coincidence and it's a lovely building.

That's about it for now!
Night x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Musical Madness

I think I've mentioned before that I'm planning on writing a musical. It's a HUGE thing for me to think of and I've been planning in in my head for almost a year! It's going to be a long project.

I want to write a comedy musical, I'm not going to be the next Lord Lloyd Webber or anything, but a comedy musical is something I really want to do.
I've had loads of people tell me that my last play BATTERED EGOS should have been a musical, which I can see actually. Lots of people keep asking if I'll turn it in to one and I've thought about it and decided I'd quite like to write something new.
I LOVE musicals, I have done since I was younger. I go and watch as many as I can and I'm forever watching clips on YouTube.

I watched Hairspray for the first time recently and LOVED it. I can't stop listening to it on my ipod either.

Mr Sally bought me Acorn Antiques the musical on DVD yesterday, so I'm having a night in with the DVD tonight. I like watching and listening to things that inspire me.

Anyway - the musical won't be ready until next year I'm sure - I'm just at the planning stages and busy surrounding myself with people that can help!
I'll keep you posted!

Hen Planner

My best friend Leah, who is due to get married in June - (who I'm Bridesmaid for) has been busy planning two weddings as she is having an Indian wedding and then a traditional wedding. I asked if there was anything I could do to help plan the Hen do and she said everything was under control, then I got a message last night saying HEEEELLLLPP!

So, I've been phoning around today - helping to sort things out.
She doesn't want tacky and has made me promise no plasic willies or strippers! So I cancelled my order from :-) haha!

Anyway, the plan is a nice Spa Treatment in the day. afternoon tea and then we're having a Eurovision party! Brilliant. I'm so excited.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


My new comedy play WIFE OF BRIAN has been accepted in to this years NOT PART OF Festival. It's a spin-off of the Manchester International festival, but includes anyone. It's going to be a HUGE festival this year and I'm really excited to be a part of it.

My play will be performed in July, almost all the cast is confirmed - ypeee! I'm really excited. I just need to finish writing the thing!
Aiming to have it completed by the end of this week, then let the roller coaster of fun begin!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bank Hol Fun!

Mr Sally, Gav and I have decided to come to Wales for the weekend again. My dad has bought four kites and we've just been flying them on the beach. The weather is gorgeous and the beach was packed.

We've had loads of fun today and I think we're doing the kite flying thing again tomorrow! I'll post photos later.

Right, I'm sat in my mum and dad's sunny back room with the patio doors open - letting the gentle breeze in, so I'm logging off and reading my book.

Friday, 10 April 2009

New Interview

The fantastic author Rosy Thornton has been chatting to us over on Woo-Hoo You!
Check out what she has to say about writing and her love of Richard Armitage!

** If you'd like to feature on the blog, either by review or interview - get in touch! **

** My New Play **

I'm hoping to have the first draft of my new comedy play WIFE OF BRIAN completed today.
I have half the cast confirmed and I'm just waiting to have venue confirmation, it's all very exciting.

Here are some photos that represent my play. Hoping they'll help me if I hit a wall today.

Crochet Hooked!

I went to a Welsh primary school, and every Friday afternoon - the boys would go to one room and do art things like painting. The girls would do crochet.

We made so many things from blankets, door stops and cushions - we were a very creative bunch. Our stuff won awards in Welsh festivals.
In fact, my best friend Leah knitted a baby's cardigan and got disqualified from a competition as they didn't believe a child of 7 could knit such a thing!

When I moved house and changed secondary schools, the crochet was forgotten about, until my GCSE art exam. The topic was food. I suddenly had a brainwave and asked my teacher if I could crochet for my exam. He looked at me like I'd gone mad, but said it was still art and I could crochet.
Anyway, whilst the rest of the class painted things, I got out my balls of wool and crochet hooks and started my masterpiece.
I crocheted a tray and on the tray was a plate of food, all crocheted. I stuffed the food, I crocheted a cup of tea and saucer and made a side plate and did a chocolate cake.
My auntie has it somewhere, I'll have to get her to dig it out.

Anyway, apart from that - I've not done it in years. I was freelancing this week and ended up calling in to a wool/material shop near the office and came out with a crochet hook and two balls of wool.
I'm really excited about making something new.

I think I'm going to start with a blanket and then progress to a hat! I'll keep you posted.

Mr Sally thinks I've gone bonkers!


I went to see Never Forget the Musical last week. I went with two of my lovely friends Paul and Christian and we had a FAB night.
I worked on the show a couple of years ago and really enjoyed this production... however -

Why do people come to the theatre and instead of watching the show, they sit there talking and texting?
I can't explain how many people were talking through the show - becasue there were so many doing it, and not just whispering, I mean actually talking.
I told two girls in front of me to, 'Shh!' In the second half and they just laughed.
What is it they have to talk about that can't actually wait until the shows over with?

Anyway, I'm off my soap box now!

I'll be posting a review on Woo-Hoo You! As well as some other interviews and book reviews soon, so keep checking.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I will blog properly tomorrow - it's been a bit of a chaos of a week, involving - teaching, freelancing, theatre press night trips, drunkenness, crochet hooks and a trip to Buxton...

I'm absolutely shattered and will fill in the gaps tomorrow.


Friday, 3 April 2009

Jobs and Lashes

My bro, Gav got a job today, a good one as well! Woo-hoo! I'm so thrilled for him. It's been a rubbish and tough start to the year for him and things seem to be looking up, finally.
As for me, I've broken up from work for two weeks as I work term time only - but I have bits of other things coming in, so I should manage, plus it means I'll get chance to WRITE!
We're off to Wales tomorrow for the weekend to see my family, can't wait. It's my dad's birthday, so big celebrations to look forward to.

Wow, the sun is shining and all is FAB!
Other news: Erm, I just watched a video clip with me in and I blinked a lot. Was something in my eye or do I blink a lot when I talk? I need to invesigate this urgently!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Last night...

went so well! I'm so relieved!

Before the night started I actually felt a bit sick. I think it has a lot to do with control. I'm used to writing and then producing my work myself, handing it over to someone else and just turning up to see what they've done with it is painful and also knowing the audience would be asked their opinion on the writing after it, whilst I'm sat there is just a bit much - but I realise it's actually good for me to experience.

I have to say though, flipping heck - the director and actors did a marvy job. Honestly, they worked wonders with the piece. I was so scared of watching it, but actually I ended up being really proud of it.

And the audience? Well flipping heck, they did seem to love it. Said the writing was good, thought the comedy was great and generally loved it. Someone said they could see it on TV - which made me smile as I'm currently writing a TV comedy, so perhaps I'm not that bad at this writing malarkey after all.

I was so thankful to see some friends turn up and support, especially the lovely Paul.
My playwriting class, bless them came to support too and I was so proud of them shoving their hands up and making comments on all the pieces shown.

A fab night and very inspiring and the Contact Theatre is a really great theatre.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Say 'Agh'

I'm off work today, my throat is swollen - although it's actually slightly better than it was yesterday. I thought I had mumps as my lovely friend Paul announced he has mumps and I know I had it when I was a child, and I don't think you can get it twice, but still I thought I may have! Anyway, I'm off to the docs in a bit!

Last night I went to the Contact Theatre to a discussion/networking event on Broadening your audience.
It was really interesting - really made me think about how to get a diverse audience in to the shows, what venues are and aren't doing to help and how important it is to communicate.

After the 2 hour discussion it was time to network in the bar. Usually I don't do these things, usually I leave. But I had an hour to kill before I had to pick up Mr Sally from work and I'd bumped in to a couple of people I knew, so I ended up in the bar with a glass of coke... and it was good. I met some brilliant and inspiring people. It's always great to chat to people doing the same thing as you or people with the same passions.
And because of last night my play will hopefully be part of a festival in the Summer - which I'll keep you posted about.

Tonight, it's the Verbally Challenged night at the Contact Theatre. A few friends are coming along and I'm a bit nervous as I have no idea what to expect tonight... I just hope the audience are kind to me.
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