Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wind Me Up!

Flippin' heck - I was so excited about getting back online last week and I've not been able to post anything all week. It's been one heck of a chaotic week.
To sum up.

- MONDAY - Day job, tea with Mr Sally then teaching my playwriting classes until 9pm.

- TUESDAY - Day job, meet my friend Christian for drinks, meet Gav and then off to the theatre for a play, after show drinks later, home around midnight.
- WEDNESDAY - Day job, meet Mr Sally and head to the bank for mortgage advice on moving to the Lake District, home, then back out for after show drinks until gone midnight again.
-THURSDAY - Freelance at my favourite marketing office until 6:00pm, meet Mr Sally, coffee in town then home for a take-away curry and beer!

-FRIDAY - Day job, clock watch all day and then meet Mr Sally and Gav at 4:00pm and we drive to Wales to my mum and dad's. My auntie has been really ill, she was in hospital last week, so I couldn't wait to get to her house and see her.

I've stayed in Wales, Mr Sally and Gav had to leave this afternoon as they were both in work tonight and collecting me tomorrow... phew - it's been a crazy week!


Barrie said...

Okay. I'm exhausted just from reading this!

Sally Lawton said...

:-) Sorry Barrie, hoping to have a slower paced week this coming week!

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