Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Little Help From My Friends...

Last night's playwriting class was BRILLIANT and that's all thanks to my two lovely friends Paul and Mark.
Paul and I have been best mates since uni days and we wrote our first play together in 2005 and he's been in almost all of my plays. He's just moved from a city centre apartment to a gorge house in Worsley and is feeling all creative, so we're hopefully penning another play together soon, we're having a writers night on Thurs.

Mark was first cast in the play Paul and I wrote together in 2005 and he's been in almost all my plays since.

I loved their input to my class last night. They performed a scene from my last play BATTERED EGOS and really took time talking to the class about theatre, plays, actors. It was a great Q&A and I think the class got lots from it.

I was so grateful, I spent my class earnings on drinks in a swanky bar after, any excuse for a drink and a catch up!

I had so much fun, I forgot to take photos! So below are my two fave photos of them

Paul in my play BANG-BANG!
Mark and I at the after show party - after a successful run of BATTERED EGOS!

Love you guys!


Phillipa said...

Loks like a riot, Sally. P x

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