Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Double Eek!

Not feeling 100% this week, but can't be off ill as I'm off for 2 weeks at the end of this week and I've got such a busy week - argh! Hate being ill.

Had a great teaching session with my class yesterday, we discussed characters a lot and it was nice to hear them discuss the play they'd seen last week with passion. All very good, the hour goes so quickly in that class. We always run over as I forget to look at my watch!

I'm nervous about watching my piece of writing being performed tomorrow - eek! I think the audience give feedback as well - double eek! Oh well, everything is a learning curve.
I'll keep you posted.

Right, I'm off to the day job. Have a good Tuesday x


Phillipa said...

Hope it goes well and you feel tip top today, Sally. P x

Cheryl said...

Hi Sally, hope you feel better soon and good luck with your play! Cheryl

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Phillipa and Cheryl x

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