Saturday, 7 February 2009

Shop Heaven!

We had to get back from Chester early today as Mr Sally had to be in work. So I went shopping in Manchester as I haven't been out for a good shop for AGES!
Bought some lovely H&M bits n bobs then met Mr Sally for a drink and a pizza in between shows.

I've also been buying my cousins baby, Noah some bits as we're all going to meet him for the first time tomorrow and I'm so excited. I can't believe how much fun it is shopping for tiny babies... everything's so cute!

I also picked up a copy of Mean Girls on DVD as it was only £4 - and I've always wanted to watch it.
Mr Sally is working until late tonight, so I'm off for a bubble bath, face pack and then DVD - perfect!


Paul Newbery said...

o.m.g. just caught up AGAIN !
The hotel business cracked me up,i hope the wedding goes beautifully,it sounds wonderful.I've been asked to do some classes at sunshine studios starting next Sat Sal and i've never done it before and not organised haha.Am in London,really hope to catch up with you soon,regards to Mr Sally and your familyxxx Paul N
P.S. I luv mean girls

Sally Lawton said...

OMG! WHAT!!! I'm so pleased you've been asked to do classes. My classes are taking place at Sunshine Studios too, starting next week!!! What are you teaching???
Ooh, we have to have a proper catch up when you get back xx

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