Thursday, 26 February 2009

Packed Up

I have been moving house ALL DAY today.
I'm so tired and sore.

I've been so laid back about the whole thing, thinking we had a whole week to move in slowly - then I realised that actually as I work in the day and Gav works in the evenings it meant that I would be the one moving as Gav doesn't drive, so there was no way I was going to be able to carry all the heavy things on my own... such as - my huge book cases, my big hamper box full of handbags, the TV, microwave... the list goes on!
So I had to take today off work and Gav and I did the bulk of it together. I do actually quite like the new flat. It's very quirky, has lots of character and the things inside it are mostly brand new, like the beds, doors, flooring - so it feels nice. I've got a couple more car loads to do (I got to a point tonight where I just gave up). I have no idea why I have sooo much stuff.

** Don't know when I'll get to post again, as I'm having to go through that whole setting up the landline and broadband thing again - God, I hate moving house! **


frank said...

Is that is a picture of your Peugeot? Ha ha
Well good luck moving... I hate moving too...after moving every few years or so, I finally took root 23 years ago- I know I have to move one more time in my life, so I'm being choosy so I won't have to move again.

Barrie said...

Better you than me! Good luck with the move!

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