Monday, 16 February 2009

Lark Rise to Salfordville!

Look at me up bright and early - oh yes, no more staying in bed and missing half the day for me, oh no!

I've got so much to do.

I'm off to Salford in a bit to have a look around the shops and to print some work, oh and ok to also have a little drive past our new pad, which we'll have moved in to this time next week - eek!
Mr Sally and I are off here tomorrow. I can't wait.

We were going to stay in Phillipa's beautiful cottage - but it seems someone beat us to it! Maybe next time.

Oh, I actually can't breathe with excitement.


Ms. R said...

Don't you just love when for once you are not a sack of shit and get a jump on the day? Only problem for me though is that I tend to procrastinate all that extra time away. Oh well!

Phillipa said...


I was hoping that it was YOU who had booked it. What a shame.

I hope you can visit again.

P xxx

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Ms R, yes it feels great to be up and motivated for once! Yes, Facebook and blogs get in the way though! x

Hi Phillipa,
Ah, don't worry - it's a shame, but we'll be up again soon and we'll hopefully book it then.


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