Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Here, There and Everywhere!

Back at work today - it wasn't too bad though. Had to dash for a meeting after about some freelance work for another company I do bits and bobs with. Anyway, some very exciting projects with them coming up.

Met up with Mr Sally after the meeting for a quick coffee before he had to head back to the theatre. We're excitedly making lots of plans at the moment, which involve selling up and a move to a place I've wanted to live for, well for ever!
I'll keep you posted about this, but I'm so excited at the moment.

But before we do that move, Gav and I are having another 6 months in a new flat and waving bye bye to this one. This apartment is lovely, but I hate the lettings agency with a passion (did I ever tell you the stolen camera story?!!)

So it's all go and it's all exciting.


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