Sunday, 22 February 2009

Half-Way House

Well, I've half moved to my new place - this means that my books are there and that's pretty much it!
The place is actually quite nice, I've just moved too many times in a year and I've had enough of it!
We don't actually have to be out of this flat for a week, which is why I'm being so lazy about the whole thing. It gives me a week to slowly pack and slowly make the new place feel like home.

New landlord seems nice, even though he's just sent me a message to say that the three cheques I gave him less than an hour ago are nowhere to be found, he thinks he's dropped them in the street! BRILLIANT!

I hope this new place brings us more joy than the one we're soon to be leaving behind.


frank said...

well good luck to YOU!

Nell Dixon said...

Good luck, Sally.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Frank and thanks Nell. Much appreciated x

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