Saturday, 7 February 2009

Faulty Towers!

Well, the night at the hotel started off very, very funny!
We checked in... walked in to our room, two single beds, ok fine - we could live with that. Then the handle of the bathroom door fell off in to Mr Sally's hand. Then we realised we only had one bath towel to share between us!

So we went back down to reception and Mr Sally placed the door handle on to the reception desk.
The receptionist gave us a lovely new room with one huge bed and all door handles were in place!

My gorgeous best friend and Leah and her hubby-to-be Mani came to the hotel (as they only live up the road)! We had drinks, chatter and giggles until late in to the night.
Leah also brought me a gift - it's an outfit from India that I have to wear for her Indian wedding in June. It's gorgeous and I'm so excited.
I'm a bridesmaid for her traditional wedding... bless her, she's busy planning two weddings. June is going to be a busy and exciting month, I can't wait.

We're busy planning her Hen do. It's going to be a civilised night of high tea, pamper afternoon and evening drinks.

I have a gazillion outfits to organise!


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