Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dream House!

Mr Sally and I are back from the Lakes.
I had such an amazing time and we found our dream house... and it's in our price range - well a bit more than we hoped, but it's our DREAM HOUSE! Hidden with trees and so much land and - I LOVE IT!
Anyway, we have to sell Mr Sally's house first and pray that nobody else buys it before us.

And tomorrow, tomorrow I move to Salford. My heart has been left behind at the Lake District and I have not been bothered to pack on single item today.

Mr Sally keeps telling me it's only a temporary home and the next time I pack up and move will be to move to the Lakes... so with that in mind I'm off to bed as I need to get up EARLY and PACK and move in to a little flat. I'm sure I'll feel excited tomorrow. Outside Beatrix Potter's dream house - Hill Top Farm


frank said...

I really REALLY need to move to the UK.

Sally Lawton said...


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