Thursday, 19 February 2009

Big Move!

Mr Sally and I went to Beatrix Potter's house today... well we've spent our week driving around and around looking at suitable places to live (in the Lake District case,this means most places we've seen!) Anyway, we stopped off at the house and it was gorgeous.
Although, have to say - £6.20 t0 get in to a house that was full of people and kids running around was a bit steep. Crikey, we probably spent ten minutes in the house. And it was so dark because Beatrix didn't have electricity and they closed the shutters for fear of things in the house fading in the sun light - I couldn't see much! A National Trust member had to shine a torch on a painting for us to see it!

I'm glad I went in though. The garden was lovely and it was nice to have a peek inside history, in to a world of a writer I have admired since I was a little girl.
I almost bought a book with her letters in, then I remembered I bought a book of Charlotte Bronte's letters and I've still not finished it!

Anyway, having a lovely time at the Lakes. Mr Sally and I are mega serious about living here. As I'm driving around the beautiful, gorgeous place that is to be my home hopefully by the end of this year, I can't quite muster enthusiasm at the fact I'm moving to Salford on the weekend. I know it's going to help save money and help fund our HUGE move, but still - I wish it was here I was moving to on the weekend and not there!

I can't wait to live here, honestly I can't.
It just feels right.

PS: Erm, I've had a couple of pints by a huge log fire, hence the ramble!


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