Saturday, 3 January 2009

Writing for the Stage Classes **LAUNCH**

** Today, I'm proud to launch my new classes for 2009. If you're Manchester based and fancy coming along, drop me an email for further info *Have you ever wanted to write for the stage?
To see actors transform in to characters you've created?
This is an informal and friendly group where you will learn and grow confidence in writing for stage, with the aim to have your piece of theatre produced at the end of the year.

Classes are £5 per week if you quote the 'INTRO OFFER' when you book.

So choose which class is best for you and drop us an email for further information.

GROUP 1: Teenage Class (13-19 yrs)
GROUP 2: Adult Class (20 yrs +)

Drop me an email at:


Rik said...

Hope it all goes well, Sally! Keep us posted on response to the classes - lots of budding writers out there!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Rik. Had a bit of interest - so fingers crossed I can launch the classes at the end of Jan. I'll keep you posted!

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