Wednesday, 21 January 2009


What a week and we're only half way through. I've been doing an hours overtime all week and then I'm rushing home to work on my new Academy as well as working on my book.

My bro Gav is having a tough time, credit crunch worries have hit the Lawton house. Bless him, he lost his job after Christmas as he was employed by an agency and they got rid of all agency staff without warning, even though he was told they'd all be there until the end of Jan.
He's finding it so difficult getting a job, it's crazy at the moment and these agencies are RUBBISH.
So if anyone knows of any jobs going in Manchester, let me know!

Bed time, me thinks - and let the fun start all over again tomorrow!


Barrie said...

Good luck to Gav. It's a tough time for job hunting on this side of the pond as well.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Barrie. It's such a bad time, isn't it? I feel sorry for anyone trying to find a job at the moment. x

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