Wednesday, 7 January 2009

So Far...

so good!

Yes, I did it. I got up EARLY this morning, even after a TERRIBLE night's sleep. Head banging, I still got ready and left the house with Mr Sally. I was sat in the library at 9:06 AM and it felt good.

OK, so I didn't get loads done today, but that's partly because I'm still getting used to my cute little netbook. The keys are smaller than my laptop and I kept pressing the wrong thing and then I accidentally made the screen go really, really small and couldn't work out how to get it back to normal...

Anyway, I'm pleased to say, I managed to type up my first chapter of my new book, I penned the opening over Christmas and I love it! So, tomorrow I'm going in blind and working on chapter two, and feeling rather excited as to where it will take me.


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