Monday, 26 January 2009

The Same Page... Finally!

Today, I feel so relieved.
After feeling confused about my writing and feeling like I was stuck at crossroads on where to go and what to write and trying to please the right people, I had a HUGE think over Crimbo and decided to follow my heart and write the book I've always wanted to write for the teen market - even though my agent was expecting something completely different from me. My last agent liked my last teenage book best and although failed to sell it, it was a huge learning curve and I loved writing it the most.
Anyway, last night I decided to take the bull by the horn and send an email to my agent, explaining my shift in genre and explaining that I understood if he wasn't interested etc, but it felt right and I need to do it.
Anyway, he's happy. Would rather I wrote what I felt happiest writing and looking forward to reading some chapters of SNOGS, SCHOOL BOGS AND A GUY CALLED PIG!

Ooh, I'm happy now. Hopefully he'll still feel the same once he's read it! Eek!

PS: Gav just got a job today and starts on Friday.

Oh what a lovely day!


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