Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Sally Saturday!

I've spent all week worrying about my brother, Gav and the credit crunch, his lack of job (through no fault of his own, he's tried so hard to get one - the country has gone bonkers). Anyway, the way I see things like this, there's no point worrying, things work themselves out... Worrying is just a waste of energy. In 6 weeks time we'll be moving out of the apartment anyway.

So, today I'm not even thinking about the above - I'm cracking on with my projects. Mr Sally is in work at 2:30pm, so I'm walking in with him and heading to Staples where I will print a flyer for my Academy... I'll then be heading over to Oxfam with one copy of my flyer from Staples, where I can print the rest of my flyers much cheaper! (See I can economise when needed)!

I'm taking my flyers everywhere I can think of and hoping the fresh air will do me good and then I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening working on my new website and continuing with the writing of my teenage book.

Speaking of writing, I've been thinking about my next play and what I should write about this time etc. I haven't given it too much thought though as I like ideas to hit me from nowhere. Today Mr Sally put flippin' football on the TV AGAIN and the commentator was talking about a player, and an idea hit me! Ooh, who'd have thought a football programme would fill me full of inspiration!
It's not about football by the way. I'd have no clue about that and it's not something I'd like to research either!

Hope you all have a fun Saturday!


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