Friday, 30 January 2009


I can not gush enough about this show. Oh my God - it was AMAZING!
Firstly, the set made the show. It was so brilliantly crafted and the automation was out of this world - the whole thing was slick and so well done.
The costumes were fab, the actors were fab... and Lisa O'Hare who plays Mary Poppins was unbelievable. She sounds just like Julie Andrews and was a perfect Poppin's.
The rooftop scene was gorgeous, and got even better when a cast member walked up the side of the stage, right up until he was upside down and walked down the other side.

And then when Mary Poppins flew out in to the audience at the end and right up through the roof... well, I loved it.
It was nice to catch up with friends last night as well, it was also nice to get Gav to the theatre and watch the show before he starts working there tonight!
I probably shouldn't have gone as I was still a bit ill and feel terrible today. But the show made me glow last night, so it was worth it!

Hope you all get to see it if it comes on tour near you.
It was practically perfect in every way!


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