Thursday, 1 January 2009

Oooh, hello 2009!

I hate New Years Eve, hate it. I begrudge going out, spending DOUBLE amounts of money in packed pubs and bars and it's FREEZING! No, I'm not a fan.
So this year, I celebrated with my family and we decided to have a few drinks and shove the Wii on. OMG - have any of you guys played on a Wii? Mr Sally got one for Crimbo off my mum and dad and it's BRILLIANT.

We had a HUGE bowling tournament and I won, mostly!
I wanted to post photos of the night, but I've used my camera so much I wore out the batteries and it was too late to pop out and get new ones!

Today has been lovely, we all stayed in bed later than usual, so everything was late today and then before we knew it, it was mid afternoon and getting dark again.
We've just waved Mr Sally off. He's in work tomorrow, but Gav and I aren't back until Monday so we decided to stay in Wales and Mr Sally is coming to pick us up Sunday night after his shift. I wish he didn't have to go, but someones got to put bread on the table, I guess!

Well, hope your first day of the new year was a lovely one and hope the rest continue the same.


Janice Okoh said...

I have just discovered the Wii today. Playing with my nephews. I was tired after two races!!!!

Sally Lawton said...

I know, I'm so un-fit. One game of bowling and I was shattered, my arm is killing me today! Great fun though :)

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