Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mini Break

Mr Sally has done it, he's booked us a weekend away at the Lakes this weekend.

We're leaving after I finish work tomorrow and staying until Sunday.
He called me today and said he was struggling to get a cheap deal and should we just go for one night instead. I said if he could get a good deal, I'd prefer to go for two nights as I'd like to spend as much time there as possible.

Anyway, he called me back and he's booked us in here. He's booked us in to the Sail Loft and we have our own terrace overlooking the Lake.

I wasn't expecting this, especially as there were no good deals... but I'm so excited.
I'm not taking my laptop - I'm just going to enjoy a fab weekend and will tell you all about it when we get back.



Nell Dixon said...

Have a lovely time.

Lucy Diamond said...

Mr Sally rocks!
Have a fab time.

Paul N said...

This sounds so lovely Sal.Not been to the Lakes yet,you'll have to recommend some places when i see you.Great to catch up on Mirth!
Regards to Mr S.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Guys!

I had a FAB time and Mr Sally sure does rock!

Paul: We'll have to get together soon for a catch up, lots of love xx

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