Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Live from the Library!

Just a quick one from the library. I've decided to not write this morning, even though I'm armed with my netbook and lots of inspiration.

I sat down at the desk space, the laptop plug socket isn't working, and I've decided to save my battery for after work when I'll pop in to Starbucks for a coffee and some writing time.

Plus, some woman is setting up loads of books and has a TV camera pointing at her. I think she's about to do a piece about books or something and she keeps looking at me and smiling. So I decided to move out of her way as I can't bear the thought of someone shoving a camera in my face and asking questions... that may not be about to happen, but just in case it's one of those 'let's chat to other early morning library users...' I thought I'd just step out of her way.

Plus they are making loads of noise. What happened to the times where you had to Shh in a library?!


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