Tuesday, 20 January 2009

How did that happen?

Right, I'm supposed to be working on a new book for my agent. Something with a bit of edge and I have it planned, started it, really liked it...

Then I went to the Lakes on the weekend and as I was sat in my room looking out on to the Lake, I grabbed my notepad that I decided to bring, just in case! When erm, well I started writing a teenage novel.
It has gripped me, came out of nowhere and I can't stop writing it. I'm having so much fun.

I wrote a book for the 8-12 yrs a couple of years ago and my then agent failed to sell it, but I'm starting to feel that writing for kids is something I really want to do.
I got so much pleasure from writing my play for the youth theatre last year and I'm in love with this book.

Have any of you writers started on a writing project and then changed the project half-way through? Or am I just absolutely bonkers??!


Barrie said...

Oh no, you're not bonkers at all. I So Don't Do Mysteries began as a YA and ended up middle grade.

Sally Lawton said...

Glad I'm not alone, thanks Barrie x

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