Wednesday, 28 January 2009

DVD & Duvet!

I did end up taking the day off work today, I've got spots on my throat and just feel like rubbish.
I tried to do some writing, but what I wrote was utter rubbish and I didn't really enjoy it as my head was thumping.

The other week I signed up to I LOVE FILM website and have a months free trial. My first DVD came through the post and I watched it today.
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

I love British films and I loved this film so much. It cheered me up and I cried at the end! Eek!
I'm posting it back tomorrow and going to log on to the site in a mo to order my next film!


Adele Parks said...

Hello again Sally, just stopped by to say thanks for picking up my new book. Hope you are enjoying it, and another thanks for spreading the word. You are a star!

Don't you think Love Film is fab! I've had a it for a few years and still think it's amazing.

Have fun

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Adele,
So nice of you to drop by.

I'm really loving your new book so far. I've been off work ill most of this week and it's keeping me going. Love it.

Ooh, Love Film is brilliant. I'm hooked.

All the best with the book.

frank said...

I love British films- I'm going to look this one up.

Sally Lawton said...

Ooh, make sure you do Frank. It's brilliant! x

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