Friday, 2 January 2009


As you know my lovely brother gave me a gorgeous digital camera for Christmas. I was so upset when mine got stolen from our apartment and even more upset that the lettings agency have failed to care (have I mentioned this... deep breaths - deep breaths!)
Anyway, I do love taking photos, I'm not great at it, but I'm learning and love having photos as memories.

I've just been on Karyn Bosnak's blog and have been totally inspired.
I've joined a site called JPG (it's free to join) and I've entered a photo
competition, please see my photo in the bar on the right!
*** Just found out that the JPG site is sadly closing down on Jan 5th, very sad as it is a great site, I was really enjoying it ***

I've also joined a group called 365 Days. It's where you upload a self portrait of yourself every day for a whole year.

I've also re-joined Flickr as I couldn't remember my old password etc, so just decided to start from scratch.
I've joined the 365 Days group with them and also a group called 52 Blessings, this is where you upload a photo a week of something you feel blessed to have.

How much fun.
My dad's just got me some new long lasting batteries for my camera and I'm clicking away like mad!

Are any of you guys feeling up to the photo challenge?
Check out my sites and join in.




Karyn said...

Oh, I have terrible news and this is so sad. Right after I published my post about jpgmag, I rec'd an email that the mag went under and is shutting down January 5th.

It was such a great website and I'm so bummed!

Join the Mission 24 group, too. That sounds so fun!

Sally Lawton said...

Oh no!! That's really sad and such a shame, the site is really great. Thanks for letting me know though, really appreciate it.

I'll have a look at the Mission 24 group now though, thanks. Oooh, this is so mch fun!!

Karyn said...

Oh, no wait!

Sally Lawton said...

Oooh, thanks for the update Karyn - fingers crossed x

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