Saturday, 24 January 2009


Just want to update you on my day.
Remember I was going to get one copy of my leaflet printed in Staples, then off to Oxfam to print the rest cheaper? Well...

When I got in to the shop, the man behind the counter had served me before when I was printing leaflets for my play in July. We both remembered each other. He tried to help make my leaflet in to an A5 and his machine was messing about, so anyway I decided to keep it the size it was and asked how much 10 copies would be. (Just in case it was reasonable)!
'Seeing as though I've not been able to do the job you asked, I'll do you 20 copies for free.'
'Really? Are you sure?'
'Of course.'

He printed my leaflets and we chatted then I said I also needed to print 10 CVs for my brother. We chatted about the madness that is the recession and I noticed as we were chatting that he actually printed me 20 CVs and then only charged me £1.10.

What a lovely, lovely man.
And I think Staples is a fab shop.
I've not replaced the ink in my printer for months as it's just so expensive and I'm starting to wonder the point of bothering ever again, when Staples are so good.

And I'll confess that as I saved much money on my printing, I had a peek in Waterstones and ended up buying Adele Park's novel 'Tell Me Something.' Which was half price!

I don't think I've even spent a fiver today!


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