Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2 Hour Catch Up

As Panto is over for not only myself, but Mr Sally's theatre too, it means he's working 9-5:30pm for the next two weeks as there are no shows at his theatre.
I don't start work until 10:00am.

This morning, I stayed in bed and got up after he left... but that's it, no more.

This is my plan.

I'm walking (yes, walking) in with him. I'm hitting the library at 9:00am and I'm going to write solidly for an hour.
Then, when I finish work at 4, I'm going to hit the library again and I'm going to write until 5pm.

And now, I'll be armed with my new netbook, so easy to carry, I can't wait to use it. It's exactly the reason my lovely parents got it for me for Crimbo and I'm really looking forward to bashing some words out on it every day.
Trouble is, I know I'll enjoy it far too much, and when it comes to the time I have to close it down and head to work, I'll be frustrated!!

But two solid hours of writing every day, should hopefully get some good work flowing!


Nell Dixon said...

Sounds like a good plan.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Nell - it gets me to focus, which is a good thing and I loved it today x

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