Friday, 30 January 2009


I can not gush enough about this show. Oh my God - it was AMAZING!
Firstly, the set made the show. It was so brilliantly crafted and the automation was out of this world - the whole thing was slick and so well done.
The costumes were fab, the actors were fab... and Lisa O'Hare who plays Mary Poppins was unbelievable. She sounds just like Julie Andrews and was a perfect Poppin's.
The rooftop scene was gorgeous, and got even better when a cast member walked up the side of the stage, right up until he was upside down and walked down the other side.

And then when Mary Poppins flew out in to the audience at the end and right up through the roof... well, I loved it.
It was nice to catch up with friends last night as well, it was also nice to get Gav to the theatre and watch the show before he starts working there tonight!
I probably shouldn't have gone as I was still a bit ill and feel terrible today. But the show made me glow last night, so it was worth it!

Hope you all get to see it if it comes on tour near you.
It was practically perfect in every way!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

DVD & Duvet!

I did end up taking the day off work today, I've got spots on my throat and just feel like rubbish.
I tried to do some writing, but what I wrote was utter rubbish and I didn't really enjoy it as my head was thumping.

The other week I signed up to I LOVE FILM website and have a months free trial. My first DVD came through the post and I watched it today.
Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

I love British films and I loved this film so much. It cheered me up and I cried at the end! Eek!
I'm posting it back tomorrow and going to log on to the site in a mo to order my next film!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Say 'Agh!'

I was sent home from work today as I was poorly :(
I didn't really want to leave as I can't really afford to be off, but I was dizzy and shivery.
I've had a good sleep and now just woken up with a sore throat and spots at the back and on my tongue.
I think I might just have to have tomorrow off.

I suppose there's no point passing it to the office, (although half my office seem to have something at the moment.)

Maybe tomorrow I'll snuggle on the couch with a book and get Mr Sally to look after me... I have to get better by Thursday because I've got free tickets to see Mary Poppins at the theatre, and I've wanted to see this show for ages - she flies out of the roof and everything!

I hate being ill, hate it.

Monday, 26 January 2009

The Same Page... Finally!

Today, I feel so relieved.
After feeling confused about my writing and feeling like I was stuck at crossroads on where to go and what to write and trying to please the right people, I had a HUGE think over Crimbo and decided to follow my heart and write the book I've always wanted to write for the teen market - even though my agent was expecting something completely different from me. My last agent liked my last teenage book best and although failed to sell it, it was a huge learning curve and I loved writing it the most.
Anyway, last night I decided to take the bull by the horn and send an email to my agent, explaining my shift in genre and explaining that I understood if he wasn't interested etc, but it felt right and I need to do it.
Anyway, he's happy. Would rather I wrote what I felt happiest writing and looking forward to reading some chapters of SNOGS, SCHOOL BOGS AND A GUY CALLED PIG!

Ooh, I'm happy now. Hopefully he'll still feel the same once he's read it! Eek!

PS: Gav just got a job today and starts on Friday.

Oh what a lovely day!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

For The Kids!

I've been writing my teen book today and I'm totally in love with it so far.

I get so much enjoyment out of writing for kids, it's so much fun.

Title of brand-spanking new book:

Snogs, School Bogs and a guy called Pig!

Ooh, I'm off to carry on with more writing.

Toodle-pip for now!

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Ever wanted to write for the stage? Ever wanted to have a go at acting, but never had the time/confidence to try?
TSL ACADEMY has been created to introduce beginners to the arts.

Check out the classes and offers.

Also launching - Character Creation Theatre Company. Letting children create and have fun - launching a school's tour for Autumn 2009.

For further info, click the links to the website - or contact Sally at


Just want to update you on my day.
Remember I was going to get one copy of my leaflet printed in Staples, then off to Oxfam to print the rest cheaper? Well...

When I got in to the shop, the man behind the counter had served me before when I was printing leaflets for my play in July. We both remembered each other. He tried to help make my leaflet in to an A5 and his machine was messing about, so anyway I decided to keep it the size it was and asked how much 10 copies would be. (Just in case it was reasonable)!
'Seeing as though I've not been able to do the job you asked, I'll do you 20 copies for free.'
'Really? Are you sure?'
'Of course.'

He printed my leaflets and we chatted then I said I also needed to print 10 CVs for my brother. We chatted about the madness that is the recession and I noticed as we were chatting that he actually printed me 20 CVs and then only charged me £1.10.

What a lovely, lovely man.
And I think Staples is a fab shop.
I've not replaced the ink in my printer for months as it's just so expensive and I'm starting to wonder the point of bothering ever again, when Staples are so good.

And I'll confess that as I saved much money on my printing, I had a peek in Waterstones and ended up buying Adele Park's novel 'Tell Me Something.' Which was half price!

I don't think I've even spent a fiver today!

A Sally Saturday!

I've spent all week worrying about my brother, Gav and the credit crunch, his lack of job (through no fault of his own, he's tried so hard to get one - the country has gone bonkers). Anyway, the way I see things like this, there's no point worrying, things work themselves out... Worrying is just a waste of energy. In 6 weeks time we'll be moving out of the apartment anyway.

So, today I'm not even thinking about the above - I'm cracking on with my projects. Mr Sally is in work at 2:30pm, so I'm walking in with him and heading to Staples where I will print a flyer for my Academy... I'll then be heading over to Oxfam with one copy of my flyer from Staples, where I can print the rest of my flyers much cheaper! (See I can economise when needed)!

I'm taking my flyers everywhere I can think of and hoping the fresh air will do me good and then I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening working on my new website and continuing with the writing of my teenage book.

Speaking of writing, I've been thinking about my next play and what I should write about this time etc. I haven't given it too much thought though as I like ideas to hit me from nowhere. Today Mr Sally put flippin' football on the TV AGAIN and the commentator was talking about a player, and an idea hit me! Ooh, who'd have thought a football programme would fill me full of inspiration!
It's not about football by the way. I'd have no clue about that and it's not something I'd like to research either!

Hope you all have a fun Saturday!

Friday, 23 January 2009


Flippin' Heck! I'm so tired today. What a week, I'm drained.
I can't believe this time last week I was at the Lakes, it's only been a week and I feel like I could do with another break!

This weekend is going to be a productive one. I've got work on my new Academy to complete and I'm getting stuck in to the writing of my new book.

Ooh, Skins was good last night, blimey - is that what teenagers are like? Nothing like my college days.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


A new series of SKINS starts tonight at 10pm. I've never watched one episode, although it always looks fab.

I'm actually really looking forward to pouring myself a glass of wine and settling down to what hopefully will be a great series.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


What a week and we're only half way through. I've been doing an hours overtime all week and then I'm rushing home to work on my new Academy as well as working on my book.

My bro Gav is having a tough time, credit crunch worries have hit the Lawton house. Bless him, he lost his job after Christmas as he was employed by an agency and they got rid of all agency staff without warning, even though he was told they'd all be there until the end of Jan.
He's finding it so difficult getting a job, it's crazy at the moment and these agencies are RUBBISH.
So if anyone knows of any jobs going in Manchester, let me know!

Bed time, me thinks - and let the fun start all over again tomorrow!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

How did that happen?

Right, I'm supposed to be working on a new book for my agent. Something with a bit of edge and I have it planned, started it, really liked it...

Then I went to the Lakes on the weekend and as I was sat in my room looking out on to the Lake, I grabbed my notepad that I decided to bring, just in case! When erm, well I started writing a teenage novel.
It has gripped me, came out of nowhere and I can't stop writing it. I'm having so much fun.

I wrote a book for the 8-12 yrs a couple of years ago and my then agent failed to sell it, but I'm starting to feel that writing for kids is something I really want to do.
I got so much pleasure from writing my play for the youth theatre last year and I'm in love with this book.

Have any of you writers started on a writing project and then changed the project half-way through? Or am I just absolutely bonkers??!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lake Heaven...

From top - bottom -left - right:

- Me by Lake Windermere in Ambleside after a few drinks in the lakeside bar.
- Me in the Sail Loft we were staying in, sad to have to check out. I loved the room so much.
- Our terrace and the view of Lake Windermere from our Sail Loft window.
- Mr Sally by a tree, looking very cute!
- A gorgeous view from Wray Castle.
- Beatrix Potter's back door! Unfortunately the house wasn't open.

I've had such a fantastic break at the Lake District and Mr Sally and I ended up making some brilliant plans for our future. I didn't want to come home.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mini Break

Mr Sally has done it, he's booked us a weekend away at the Lakes this weekend.

We're leaving after I finish work tomorrow and staying until Sunday.
He called me today and said he was struggling to get a cheap deal and should we just go for one night instead. I said if he could get a good deal, I'd prefer to go for two nights as I'd like to spend as much time there as possible.

Anyway, he called me back and he's booked us in here. He's booked us in to the Sail Loft and we have our own terrace overlooking the Lake.

I wasn't expecting this, especially as there were no good deals... but I'm so excited.
I'm not taking my laptop - I'm just going to enjoy a fab weekend and will tell you all about it when we get back.


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lola Jaye

Buy/Borrow - Just read this book. It's BRILLIANT!
I've just finished it and I LOVED IT, loved it, loved it, loved it!

Day of Smiles

Ah, today I have a lot to smile about - my heart is bursting full of smiles, so I thought I'd share them!
The first bit of news is that I've decided to move back in with Mr Sally. After everything we've been through, it feels right. I'm in my apartment for another month and then I'm packing up and moving to his house in the hillside. This time around, we're going to work hard at making the place feel more like a home to me, as it never really did when I last lived there. So I'm looking forward to starting afresh.

The second bit of gorgeous news is that my best friend Leah has just phoned and asked me to be her bridesmaid. I cried when she asked. I'm so proud to be her bridesmaid. I have no idea how I'm going to walk down the isle without crying as the pair of us failed to get through her engagement do without tears!
I've never been a bridesmaid before and I'm so excited.

This year feels like a pretty special one already :)

Live from the Library!

Just a quick one from the library. I've decided to not write this morning, even though I'm armed with my netbook and lots of inspiration.

I sat down at the desk space, the laptop plug socket isn't working, and I've decided to save my battery for after work when I'll pop in to Starbucks for a coffee and some writing time.

Plus, some woman is setting up loads of books and has a TV camera pointing at her. I think she's about to do a piece about books or something and she keeps looking at me and smiling. So I decided to move out of her way as I can't bear the thought of someone shoving a camera in my face and asking questions... that may not be about to happen, but just in case it's one of those 'let's chat to other early morning library users...' I thought I'd just step out of her way.

Plus they are making loads of noise. What happened to the times where you had to Shh in a library?!

Saturday, 10 January 2009


I've been working very hard lately and I've been hard at it today, creating the finishing touches to my new business.


My new academy!

I'm very excited

The Lake District

Mr Sally and I are planning a weekend break to the Lake District, either next weekend or the one after (I hope it's next weekend because I'm so excited!)
I've loved the Lakes since the moment I very first went there on a camping trip a few years ago with my friend Dan.

I love the fact it isn't that long a drive away and Mr Sally and I have been so many times over the years, it's a place we love to visit to re-charge batteries and get some fresh air in to our bones!

We usually stay here in Ambleside, but I fancy staying in Windermere this time.

One day, I'd love to own a little cottage there. What a lovely inspiring place to sit and write. Well, if it was good enough for Beatrix Potter, then it's good enough for me!

Friday, 9 January 2009

A Pound for a... errr a Few Pounds??

The office girlie's and I have decided to join forces to fight the Crimbo bulge.
We've decided to make our own slimming club!

All we have to do is put a £1 coin in the pot every week, and have a little weigh-in. Whoever loses the most weight in that week, gets to have all the money in the pot!
We're hoping a cash prize will stop us reaching for the biscuits.
We're having a free week this week, to give us all chance to prepare. I'm not going to diet, but I'm going to eat more healthy and do some exercise.
Mr Sally got a Wii Fit for Christmas, so maybe I'll have a few goes at that.

Keep you posted!


I'm really enjoying this photography malarkey. My week in pictures has been fun, I think I'm putting this week down to a trial and as of tomorrow I'm going to try and get more creative with them.
My friend Melanie (who is a stylist, and a very talented one at that), anyway - she suggested I use a tripod for my photos. And she's right, I actually own a good one that my dad kindly gave me. So, my tripod and I will be out and about from now on! I'm rather excited.
Speaking of my friend Melanie, her beautiful daughter is featured in a photography magazine this month, the photo is gorgeous.

Anyway, I'm not saying photography is a new career move, I'm just saying that I'm really enjoying taking photos and learning how to capture a good one.

Check out my flickr account if you get chance.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Pay it Forward

That's what I'm doing, paying it forward.

After Christmas I noticed Rhydian's CD out and although I REALLY wanted it (I loved him on X-Factor and I bloomin' love a good power ballad!) Anyway, I decided to wait until I had a bit more money until I bought it.

Then on Tuesday I was sat in work, when a lovely colleague, Catherine said, 'Does anyone want the Rhydian album?'
'YES!' I actually squealed, 'Why?'
'I got two for Christmas, so I'm happy for one to go to a good home.'
'Are you sure?'
'Yes, positive, I'll bring it in tomorrow.'
'Do you want any money for it?'
'No, honestly. I'm just happy to get rid of it.'
'Is there a CD you'd like and I'll get it you in exchange?'
'No, honestly - don't worry about it.'

Except I do worry about it, because it was such a lovely gesture and she brought the CD in for me today and I can't help feeling bad, that the CD was bought out of someones hard earned money and it was a gift, not really meant for me.
I've decided I'm going to buy her a nice bunch of flowers next week.

And to pay forward the kind gesture, I'm going to download it on to my ipod, then pass the CD on to my mum.

Oooh, right I can't wait any longer. I'm going to download it now. I can't wait!
Thank you so much Catherine.
** OMG - just uploaded the whole album to my ipod and I'm just listening to it for the second time and it's AMAZING! I love Rhydian!! **

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

So Far...

so good!

Yes, I did it. I got up EARLY this morning, even after a TERRIBLE night's sleep. Head banging, I still got ready and left the house with Mr Sally. I was sat in the library at 9:06 AM and it felt good.

OK, so I didn't get loads done today, but that's partly because I'm still getting used to my cute little netbook. The keys are smaller than my laptop and I kept pressing the wrong thing and then I accidentally made the screen go really, really small and couldn't work out how to get it back to normal...

Anyway, I'm pleased to say, I managed to type up my first chapter of my new book, I penned the opening over Christmas and I love it! So, tomorrow I'm going in blind and working on chapter two, and feeling rather excited as to where it will take me.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

2 Hour Catch Up

As Panto is over for not only myself, but Mr Sally's theatre too, it means he's working 9-5:30pm for the next two weeks as there are no shows at his theatre.
I don't start work until 10:00am.

This morning, I stayed in bed and got up after he left... but that's it, no more.

This is my plan.

I'm walking (yes, walking) in with him. I'm hitting the library at 9:00am and I'm going to write solidly for an hour.
Then, when I finish work at 4, I'm going to hit the library again and I'm going to write until 5pm.

And now, I'll be armed with my new netbook, so easy to carry, I can't wait to use it. It's exactly the reason my lovely parents got it for me for Crimbo and I'm really looking forward to bashing some words out on it every day.
Trouble is, I know I'll enjoy it far too much, and when it comes to the time I have to close it down and head to work, I'll be frustrated!!

But two solid hours of writing every day, should hopefully get some good work flowing!

Monday, 5 January 2009

And so it begins...

First day back at work today and it was tough.
Tough because we didn't get home from Wales until midnight.
Tough because I was still in holiday mode and tough because it was MONDAY MORNING!

The walk to work was horrible, I can't believe how unfit I've become, I was shattered!

My dad did say I was the Queen of Sheba over Christmas and sat on my lardy bum the whole time! I think he's right!

Oh well, work wasn't too bad, it was nice catching up with everyone... but God, I would happily re-live Christmas all over again!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Out With the Old and Err... Everyone!

I've just redesigned my blog and in the process I've deleted everything in my side bars! This includes all the blogs I read.

If you can't see your name on my list, drop me a mail and I'll sort it out.

** Please note, if you don't see your name - it doesn't mean you're less special than the ones I have remembered, I've just quickly done a few I remember the addresses for and will sort the rest out tomorrow **

All a bit of a pain in the bottom, but it's nice to have a bit of a sort out and tidy!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Writing for the Stage Classes **LAUNCH**

** Today, I'm proud to launch my new classes for 2009. If you're Manchester based and fancy coming along, drop me an email for further info *Have you ever wanted to write for the stage?
To see actors transform in to characters you've created?
This is an informal and friendly group where you will learn and grow confidence in writing for stage, with the aim to have your piece of theatre produced at the end of the year.

Classes are £5 per week if you quote the 'INTRO OFFER' when you book.

So choose which class is best for you and drop us an email for further information.

GROUP 1: Teenage Class (13-19 yrs)
GROUP 2: Adult Class (20 yrs +)

Drop me an email at:

A Good Old Weepie!

Oh, crikey - I'm sat at my mum and dad's and the TV just happens to be on, I'm on my laptop doing some work (well trying to), and I've just sat through two beautiful films. Goodnight Mister Tom and Pollyanna.
Both absolutely gorgeous films, both heart warming, both have reduced me to uncontrollable tears.

Friday, 2 January 2009


As you know my lovely brother gave me a gorgeous digital camera for Christmas. I was so upset when mine got stolen from our apartment and even more upset that the lettings agency have failed to care (have I mentioned this... deep breaths - deep breaths!)
Anyway, I do love taking photos, I'm not great at it, but I'm learning and love having photos as memories.

I've just been on Karyn Bosnak's blog and have been totally inspired.
I've joined a site called JPG (it's free to join) and I've entered a photo
competition, please see my photo in the bar on the right!
*** Just found out that the JPG site is sadly closing down on Jan 5th, very sad as it is a great site, I was really enjoying it ***

I've also joined a group called 365 Days. It's where you upload a self portrait of yourself every day for a whole year.

I've also re-joined Flickr as I couldn't remember my old password etc, so just decided to start from scratch.
I've joined the 365 Days group with them and also a group called 52 Blessings, this is where you upload a photo a week of something you feel blessed to have.

How much fun.
My dad's just got me some new long lasting batteries for my camera and I'm clicking away like mad!

Are any of you guys feeling up to the photo challenge?
Check out my sites and join in.



Thursday, 1 January 2009

Oooh, hello 2009!

I hate New Years Eve, hate it. I begrudge going out, spending DOUBLE amounts of money in packed pubs and bars and it's FREEZING! No, I'm not a fan.
So this year, I celebrated with my family and we decided to have a few drinks and shove the Wii on. OMG - have any of you guys played on a Wii? Mr Sally got one for Crimbo off my mum and dad and it's BRILLIANT.

We had a HUGE bowling tournament and I won, mostly!
I wanted to post photos of the night, but I've used my camera so much I wore out the batteries and it was too late to pop out and get new ones!

Today has been lovely, we all stayed in bed later than usual, so everything was late today and then before we knew it, it was mid afternoon and getting dark again.
We've just waved Mr Sally off. He's in work tomorrow, but Gav and I aren't back until Monday so we decided to stay in Wales and Mr Sally is coming to pick us up Sunday night after his shift. I wish he didn't have to go, but someones got to put bread on the table, I guess!

Well, hope your first day of the new year was a lovely one and hope the rest continue the same.
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