Tuesday, 30 December 2008

What's his is err - MINE!!

Mr Sally today decided to pop in to JJB as there was a HUGE sale on and he needed a pair of new trainers.
Now, from since I can remember I never have ever bought expensive ones, as basically I can never afford any. My last two pairs were a converse style pair from Ethels for £4 and a pair from Primark for around £5.

Anyway, Mr Sally found his dream pair and then I spotted a pair of really cute Adidas ones for £20.
'Get them if you want them,' he said.
'Nah, can't really afford to be buying trainers. I'll get some in the new year.'
'Sally, if you want them just tell me and I'll get them for you.'

So naturally I got the guy to find me a pair in my size, he did. But Mr Sally's dream pair weren't in his size, so I ended up with a pair and he didn't. And to add insult to injury, when we got to the till the guy said that they were actually £29 and not £20. Eeek.

They're like these, but the stripes are green! Oooh, I love them.

And, Mr Sally is so nice - he just logged on to ASOS to see if they had his trainers on there (they didn't), but I had a look for skirts and found a cute one.
'You not getting it?' He asked.
'No, I need to watch my money for a bit.'
'I'll get it for you if you want?'

This time I said no. I think he's spent enough on me thus far...

I love you Mr Sally x


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