Saturday, 6 December 2008

Still Here... Just!

What a week!

It's gone on and on and on!

I've been finishing work, heading straight to rehearsals and not finishing until around midnight every night. I'm so tired and fighting off a cold that I can feel trying to sneak up on me.

We open the Panto on Monday and things are very, very stressful at the moment. So much still to do and I'm there again at 3pm until whenever today/night!

It'll be worth it though.

Mr Sally is in the middle of his own chaos with his Panto, his opens in about an hours time, eek!

Ah, Panto - such a stressful yet magical part of Christmas.

PS: I've still not started my Christmas shopping.
BUT as I finished my day job yesterday to be a paid actor for Christmas, I may just be able to squeeze some shopping trips in before and after shows. (Hopefully!)


Anonymous said...

Paid acting work, yay!

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