Tuesday, 30 December 2008


I am itching to write, itching I tell yer!!

I've planned the outlines of my new novel and I need to get stuck in to it, whilst taking on some advice from my agent.
Oooh, here we go - I bloomin' love a new writing project.

Other news, for Crimbo my lovely, lovely mum and dad amongst other amazing gifts got me a gazillion Little Black Dress books, loads of them. I've just finished reading 'Plan B' by Emily Barr and was just about to start reading one of my new books, when...
I happened to pick up my copy of 'By The Time You Read This' by Lola Jaye and I just looked at the prologue and, well I'm hooked!
It's so true that an opening of a book is so important, and Lola has obviously cracked it.


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