Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

Well, I love reflecting at the end of the year and looking forwards at the beginning of another and this year is no exception.
I won't be sad to see the back of 2008, in fact I'm delighted to wave goodbye to it!
Personally it's been a bit of a roller coaster year for me, but professionally I achieved quite a bit.

Well as you probably remember, Mr Sally and I split up in April, which was HORRIBLE. I moved out, which was HORRIBLE. But I was determined to get on with my life, which was HORRIBLE! Anyway, to cut a long story short, Mr Sally and I got back together in July. He was desperate to win me back and he did, after AGES of screaming matches, tears etc.
If anything our relationship is stronger because of it. Starting a fresh made us able to talk about everything in the open, and work through things that usually got shoved under the carpet and forgotten about. We're very happy and very much looking forward to our future together.

I've really learnt who my true friends are this year and I have some very beautiful friends, I'm very lucky and hope they realise how much I value their friendship.

My family are the best. When Mr Sally and I split up they gave me lots of love and support and without hesitation gave me money for a deposit on a flat, (I've since found out that this was the dining room money that they had saved to decorate.) Then when Mr Sally and I got back together they were thrilled and accepted him back like the son he'd always been. They even bought him a Wii for Crimbo, bless them.
My brother Gav finally packed his things and moved to Manchester. A very brave thing to do, when all he knew was me and Mr Sally. We're now renting an apartment together and he's doing really well, I know it's taken him a while to settle, but I'm very proud of him and it's great to have him so close by.
Weddings and Births:
What a year this year. Lots of friends got themselves engaged or preggers!
Leah and Mandeep. My beautiful best friend and her gorge hubby to be. He proposed to her at work, leaving little notes on her desk and then he was stood in another office with flowers waiting to whisk her off for champers. Their engagement was beautiful and I can't wait to watch them get married in June.
Paul and Chris. My best mate Paul and his gorge hunk Chris. They got enGAYged in the summer - Paul proposed to Chris on holiday, in the sea with the most beautiful speech about best mates, soul mates and being a husband. I missed their engagement do as I got my dates mixed up, had a play on and a knackered car, I'm so chuffed for them though and can't wait for their special day, which I won't miss for the world.
Claire and Zohar. Claire is my pen-pal! We've been writing to each other since we were 11 and she's from Paris, but now lives in Israel with her partner Zohar. They have been together for 10 years, he's taken his time proposing because she kept going on about it! But he finally proposed on her birthday on a romantic picnic. I'm so happy for them both.
Catherine, Mark and baby Isabelle. Catherine is my cousin. She gave birth to baby Isabelle in the summer. Unfortunately, at 19 she's still quite young and currently arguing with her mum and sister's, so as of yet we haven't met baby Isabelle. I've seen some photo's though and she's beautiful.
Dane, Laura and baby Noah. Dane is my cousin (on the other side of the family). He and his beautiful fiancee Laura (Oooh, they should be on the weddings list too as Dane proposed earlier this year) gave birth to baby Noah in November. I haven't met him yet as I've been busy with Panto and in Wales for Crimbo, but as soon as I get back then a visit and cuddle is well and truly on the cards.
I wrote three plays, produced two and had one produced through a youth theatre.
DOUBLE CLICK started off the year as an experiment with a group of actors, but it's a play I'm truly proud of and hope to tour it around the festivals next year.
BATTERED EGOS probably the hardest to write as I had so much going on personally and I had a bit of a block every time I tried to write it. I finally panicked and wrote it in a day, the actors pulled together and the end result was fab and we received 5* reviews!
CAMP 360 a play I wrote for a youth theatre and it was one of the most rewarding things I've done and I'm definitely going to write more for kids next year.
BOOKS I've just started my new book, my agent is waiting to read it and I hope he likes it when it's ready.

PANTO I performed in a Panto this year. It was truly an experience and although it was a laugh and at times not, it was a great Panto, I was proud of the show and we worked really hard to put it on. I'm not sure if I'd ever be in a Panto again, although I'd like to one day have a go at writing one.
PRODUCING Whenever I produce my own plays, it's a difficult task as there is so much to think about as well as the fact I'm usually always in my shows too. I'm quite laid back though and sometimes worry if the actors would rather someone who wasn't so chilled out about things. However, when my play DOUBLE CLICK went in to utter chaos when one of the cast pulled out on the dress rehearsal (stupid girl), I'm really proud at how I coped. It's the one thing I'm taking with me proudly through to next year. When you have a cast looking at you for answers, with terrified faces and one huge problem to solve then it's not an easy task. I'm proud that I stayed calm, I did not let the actors feel one ounce of the fear and frustration I felt, I kept those things to myself, I didn't sleep and I worried myself in to the night. Cancelling a show wasn't an option, so we just had to get on with it. The way I see it is that when you're in charge of a group of actors, a show, anything, then it isn't wise to let them feel any of your concerns, yes it's fine to ask for help and advice, but it's not fair to offload any of your worries or stress on to them.
I'm proud to say that because my chilled manner stayed the same, it enabled us to focus on what we needed to do, and it made everyone not only willing but capable of pulling together as a TEAM and work things through together. We did nothing but laugh that day and when we all stepped on to stage the next night on opening night, we knew that no matter what, we'd do it because we were still working very much as a team. And I'm very proud of that play, it taught me a lot and I'll love that cast forever!
I have lots of plans for 2009 and I'll bring everything I learnt from 2008 and make sure that 2009 is one to be proud of.

I wish you all a very happy 2009. May the new year see all your dreams come true and thank you for reading my blog.
Lots of love, Sally x


Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year Sally - hope it brings lots of good things for you.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Nell. You too x

Barrie said...

Happy New Year, Sally! I think 2009 will be absolutely wonderful for you and I''m looking forward to reading about your antics. :) I do love this idea of a reflective post. Hopefully, I'll get one up myself!

Classic Becca said...

Happy New Year beautious Sally, I hope you have a wonderfully happy 2009 and everything goes brilliantly for you. See you soon I hope xxxx

Phillipa said...

Happy New Year Sally. P xx

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie, thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you like the reflective post, I wanted to sum everything up, but feel I've just rammbled on and on!! Happy New Year to you too.

Hi Becca, Happy New Year lovely - definitely catch up for a drink soon x

Happy New Year Phillipa, hope it's a bloomin' good one x

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