Sunday, 14 December 2008

Eight Down

I have performed 8 shows this week. I'm covered in bruises... and I mean covered. The shows have been lots of fun... apart from the matinee to around 10 college students, who talked through the whole thing, shoved their fingers up at Jolly Roger and totally disrespected the fact they were sharing the theatre with some lovely ladies from an old people's home. Never in my life have I ever not enjoyed being on stage, but in that matinee I just wanted to get off stage and leave!

The Panto is going well, although getting bums on seats has been a bit difficult. We've cancelled a few shows because of low ticket sales and it's so heartbreaking after all the hard work we've put in and the show is FANTASTIC. I think the end of next week is rather busy, so at least we'll end on a high!

Last night on stage, these are just some of the things that happened to me:
My shoe fell off.
My handbag got caught in the fishing net.
My shell necklase got caught in the net and then snapped and the beads rolled all over the stage! Eeek!

Oh well, it was still great fun.

One more week left. Hope you can come on down xx


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