Sunday, 23 November 2008

What on Earth...

I've just got back from a lovely relaxing weekend. I've had a fab, yet tiring day of rehearsals. I've just finished a well deserved beer and I'm just about to go to bed as a long day is ahead of me tomorrow, when...

LOUD THUMPING MUSIC has just started playing from the flat below. It's 11:34pm - that's got to be the most disrespectful thing. Honestly, do people only think of themselves these days or am I just getting old and boring, but -


I don't want to go and complain, because these days, it's not safe to really knock on and say TURN THAT SH**T OFF!

Now, where's my neighbourhood watch leaflet?


Anonymous said...

You have my total and absolute sympathy, sally. I suffered with that for years with unsociable neighbors grrrr

Interesting writerly topic here I've been following, thought you might find it interesting:

Ms. R said...

I hate when that happens. It always seems to happen right when I am sliding between the covers...

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