Sunday, 12 October 2008

Theatrical Things

I've had such a lovely day today.
I walked in the boiling hot sun (not even joking, it was so hot) to the Salford Arts Theatre, which took me 45mins and was a lovely walk with my ipod switched on.

I helped out with the drama class which was great fun and the kids worked so hard, then I stayed to watch the older group rehearse my play CAMP 360. It was the first time I'd seen any of it since I handed the script over and I have to say it was great. Roni and Scott at the theatre have worked magic with the class. They've staged it very creatively, cast the right people to the right parts and have really worked hard to bring it to life. I'm really impressed with the standard of acting and if this is just the early stages of rehearsals, then I can't wait to see the end result in a few weeks.

Speaking of the fantastic Salford Arts Theatre - there are lots and lots of things going on at the moment, so check out their website for more info.
And if you live in the Salford area and fancy doing something fun and free on the half term week, then get in touch with the theatre, where they have a week filled full of drama, singing, dancing, stage combat and street art. All for FREE and a performance at the lovely theatre at the end of the week, BARGAIN!


Dan Johnson said...

hey sal, nice blog... and thanks for my comments too!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Dan! Glad you like my blog and I've really enjoyed catching up on your travelling tales! Looking forward to reading more and gutted I wont be able to come and visit

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